We catch up with Blond:ish on the back of their latest release on Kompakt “Endless Games”

Blond:ish are two ladies that do not need an introduction and always like to make an impact on people. We caught up with the girls ahead of their appearance at the Kompakt night at Space, Ibiza. The event also tied in nicely to duo’s latest release on Kompakt entitled “Endless Games” and features two incredible remixes by none other than Patrice Baumel. The release is available now from all the usual places, and gives us a very nice insight into what we can expect from the girl’s album that due to be released later in 2015.

Hi girls, and thank you for taking the time to speak to Decoded Mag ahead of your appearance for Kompakt at Space, Ibiza. The season is now in full flow on the White Island, is this your first time here this year?

Anstascia/Viv: We’ve been here a couple times this season but just to relax, see some friends, and enjoy the beaches…

Are you getting a chance to spend a few days there around the Kompakt show and if so what are you looking forward to doing, other than playing Space of course?

Anstascia: Yes were actually both going to be on the island for about 10 days in a yoga retreat.. Getting up at 5:30 am every morning and practicing yoga all day.. Of course we’ll be visiting some secretish beaches and having a little bit of other kinds of fun in between!

What is it to you that makes Ibiza so special?

Vivie-Ann: I love the two completely different energies the island has… You can be in the total zen vibe with kundalini raves, tantra retreats, yoga blablabla or you can be in super rave mode that continues from the clubs to the villa day after day (after day).

Space is an iconic venue and a perfect home for the forthcoming Kompakt night on the 18th July. Which other venues around the world have been special to see pop up in your tour calendar?

Anstascia/Vivie-Ann: Burning man is definitely the most special venue that isn’t a club!

Which big tunes are you bringing to Ibiza this year?

Anstascia/Vivie-Ann: It has to be our latest single, “Endless Games” on Kompakt!

Kompakt is a real force within the underground music scene and has been for many years. How did you each get involved with the record label?

Anstascia: It all happened really randomly actually. We had been shopping that record to different labels, being turned down a bunch of times. It was a special EP to us, and we knew that it would take that special/eclectic label to sign it and understand our vision, and Kompakt did just that!

Vivie-Ann: I randomly caught up with an old friend that I met about 12 years that was doing some work for Richie Hawtin and Kompakt, and when Kompakt came up, he said that the label manager was Canadian as well (like us) and that he would connect us personally. We were introduced to the label manager and he kindly replied straight away but his email didn’t begin too promising – “it’s great you’re Canadian, nice to meet you, we will listen to your demos but unfortunately you can imagine how many demos we get, so don’t expect an answer”. 2 hours later we received a reply and an introduction to Michael Mayer as they loved it and wanted to sign it!

Kompakt has a very unique but eclectic sound. When writing a track do you set out to write specifically for the label or is it a case of seeing what form the song takes and sending it over to the A&R if you think it’ll fit?

Anstascia/Vivie-Ann: Never write a track specifically for a label ever!!! Even if we did it would probably come out completely different than what we would expect it to!

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Whilst we’re enjoying the sun in 2015, musical productions seemingly become brighter in sound. Do you find your productions change with the seasons?

Anstascia/Vivie-Ann: Seasons definitely no! Our sound is just evolving constantly like we are as people, constantly growing, as should our music.

What productions/projects are you working on at the moment?

Anstascia/Vivie-Ann: We just finished an album for Kompakt that’s coming out in October that we made in Tulum, Mexico. It took shape after our travels in South America, Mexico, and India earlier this year.

You’re globetrotting artists and as such I imagine you’re on the road a lot. Do you have much of a chance to catch up with other Kompakt artists? I’m presuming there’s an annual Christmas work party!

Anstascia/Vivie-Ann: When we go by Cologne and Berlin we get to see a lot of the team or at festivals around Europe in the summer. ADE is always a good time to catch up with everyone! Christmas, we’re never around the cold parts to see them!

We saw that Kompakt had a pop-up shop at Sonar this year. Are there any plans to bring this concept to Ibiza?

Anstascia/Vivie-Ann: no idea, but we would definitely love to be involved if it is!

Finally, for the readers who cannot make the Ibiza Kompakt party on the 18th July, where can they catch you over the next few months?

Anstascia/Vivie-Ann: In July and most of August we’re in Europe, then going for a Brasil weekend at D-Edge, Warung, and Vibe, then Mexico, and USA for Burning Man, Symbiosis, a Blkmrkt Boat Party in NYC, and a nice festival starting in Marrakech, the Oasis Festival!

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Lee Mills is a musician based in Liverpool. He has released music on Traum, Mooseekaa and Fade records among others