We caught up with Germany’s Beatamines

Hailing from the green heart lands of Germany, Pascal Augner aka Beatamines is supported around the world from Carl Cox to Pete Tong with his distinct techno and progressive house sound, landing him playing regularly across Europe including the renowned Watergate (Berlin) With releases on Einmusik

With highly successful releases on Einmusik, Keno Records, Stil Vor Talent, Katermukke, Moonbuutique in 2016, Pascal started as A&R for the label Lauter Unfug which brought him directly to Luxembourg’s club studio 21, where he has now his own Residency with the `rememberthevibe` parties

He spoke recently with our Editor in Chief, Damion Pell ahead of his latest EP release with Einmusik

Hi Pascal, how are you today?

Thanks I’m pretty well. I got up very early today, this is for good reason; the postman will ring and bring me a new synthesizer! #yay

Not many people know, but your early influences was hip hop, you even spent 10 years breakdancing, what was the hip hop scene like in Germany in the early 90’s?

I can only speak of the end of the nineties. It was wild and euphoric! A lot of fresh crews grows up on every corner. I had many friends who also had to do with “hiphop”. Those were mc’s or graffiti artists. All the many colourful colours and the free feeling has made me very thrilled! This time has shaped me very much. I often think back to the good old days.

You kind of fell into DJing after amassing music and created the name Beatamines persona,can you tell us about your first gig, did it all go to plan as you expected?

My first gig was in my hometown Erfurt and the club was named “Centrum” The Club was a really special place to me. It was the #1 for nightlife, there were parts from hip hop – dark electro stuff! So I knew how I got there on the floor (as a breakdancer). But I still did not know how I can entertain the complete crowd with my music. I made my first live act there and it was fantastic.

We recently published an article on underground clubbing in Berlin. Can you tell us a little about how you became an artist and the sights and sounds of home that inspired you along the way?

I had to retrain! Since I had a change of job, I could no longer train with my boys as we were used to. I started cutting the music for our crew. This was new and exciting for me! Over the years, many good music has inspired me. From Pink Floyd to Daft Punk. I’ve pulled everything like a vacuum cleaner. It was important to me that the track a
“good feeling” mediated.

Do you think Berlin has reached, or will reach a saturation point with regard to music producers and the quality of nights out in the city?

I believe in Berlin there will always be very many producers. Whether good or bad everyone must evaluate themselves for themselves. It is not always easy to be “on top” with this oversupply of possibilities in this city but fortunately it works fine for me.

Industrial cities like Belfast, Glasgow, Rotterdam or Berlin seem to naturally find Techno and Progressive House soundtracks their experience. What is it about the genres that piqued your interest and how do you think you’ll mature your sound?

I’ve fallen in love with many electronic genres. With this music I feel very comfortable, I like the flexibility and freedom that this genre contains! I listen to ambient – electronica stuff like “Aparde” or “Sohn” while travelling. When I clean our apartment, there is a decent portion of boys noize! From all these genres I take a part out and add this “sound puzzle” piece into my own sound at a suitable place.

You have 3 EP’s out soon on Einmusika, Moonboutique and Lauter Unfug, as well as a Loopmasters Artist pack, where do you find the time?

Yes, a lot of fresh music will be released in 2017 and a little dream comes true to cooperate with Loopmasters to producing a Beatamines Artist Pack! Now I’m addicted to music! I am very grateful that I can design my job as a producer so I have enough resting phases. I must always have something to do :) . But without “to do lists” and the backing of my girlfriend and the children would not be possible. Luckily, I have a lot of freedom for my rhythmic art!

Pete Tong and BBC Radio One charted your remix on Lauter Unfug last year as one of the best tracks of 2016, that must have been a great validation of your work.

Yes this was definitely also a highlight for me in 2016! Pete Tong is a Living Legend! It is already a nice feeling when your name mentioned in his radio show on BBC. He has featured my “Polyphony remix” in several broadcasting and his gigs! Pete if you read this: Thank you and I love you!

As an emerging artist and A&R for Lauter Unfug,what would be your advice for others looking to break into the scene?

My tips are: You should have a very long breath. It is not always gold that shines. Pay attention to quality.
Do not ask too much at once at the beginning. Step by step uhhh baby! But you should not take too long and use opportunities! Think a step further! Sustainable work has always worked well for me so far.

Artistic freedom is something every producer wants from their record label, but in today’s mass market driven consumerism, can a single record label deliver on that request, or should you as the artist and A&R, how do you tackle the direction labels want to take or options with which to release your work?

Nope, I’m not a big fan of hypes, trends or something like that. For some artists, the label specifies the workflow. To a certain degree is synonymous. It must be all in a healthy balance so that everyone has something of it. From time to time is also a deadline for me the last minute motivation to get a remix ready. But only with pressure from above I would not be happy.

In 2016, you joined Lauter Unfug, a label that gained critical acclaim from the industry and punters alike. Can you walk us through the life as the A&R for a label known for its high quality?

I am very happy to be part of it! We are a great team and work daily to get better. Mostly I started the day by checking e-mails and demo’s and get in touch with Pierre (The Heart of Lauter Unfug) I go to the search for suitable remix artists. It is important to keep the quality high of our remixes! And then is my topic of the day “Sound” I’m also a gear addicted mixing & mastering engineer and do the mastering for our releases! I am looking forward to an exciting time with the Lauter unfug crew!

For new producers out there, what advice can you give when approaching a label, what are some “does and don’ts” of the industry?

– vision of sound, do you only want to make this one sound or do you want your label flexibly from the sound colours.
– quality artwork, Huge team spirit
– high quality mastering, many save on the wrong end! Always keep in mind, after the mastering, the track / EP is available forever in this good or less good quality.
– Trustworthy promotion agencies and a lot of supporters!

– To imitate the sound of another label, Work on your own thing and make it special!
– Focus on Beatport’s Top 10, it would be nice if we ended up with our releases in the top 10! but it’s about more! Publish solid music and create a stable network. And if your music is good enough they will climbing automatically.

You’ve put together a great mix for us, has the digital age made sourcing music more interesting?

Yes the digital age has its advantages! So I can try new upcoming Lauter Unfug stuff overall. The mix I’ve made for you includes the many colours that we have on Lauter Unfug. From House till Techno, we always have an open ear!

Thank you for taking time out to speak to us, lastly is there any news you can share with us for 2017?

Yes, I have created a party series with Pierre (Lauter Unfug). From September it starts with #rememberthevibe! To these parties we invite artists where we are sure they give us a very special vibe! I hope we all see each other in the Luxembourg’s club Studio 21. Than I will performing more live in 2017. Working on different live setup’s. From
analog only to hybrid stuff with Ableton. I do not want to have a fixed setup anymore. To each show is another synth or drum machine in the setup to create more magical moments.

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