We invited UK Bass And Garage trio TQD to drop their all time top 20

UK Bass and Garage keeps getting bigger and TQD – comprised of Royal-T, DJ Q and Flava D –  remains firmly at the forefront of this sound. The concept of TQD is simpler and much less contrived than that tag implies. Simply put, TQD is a trio of music-making friends united under a single name to make jacking dancefloor music inspired by classic UK garage and bassline sounds. Since their first collaborative foray with ‘Day & Night’, released on Butterz in 2015, TQD has undoubtedly proven that their three-way formula works.

We invited them to drop their all-time Top 20 tunes. You catch them with thier residency at XOYO all this month


E.S. Dubs – Standard Hoodlum Issue (Mix 1)

If there could be one tune I could say that I wish i had made, it’s this one. Perfect tune!

Joker & Jakes – 3K Lane

I will always have so much for love for the Bristol crew. The place’s influence on UK music doesn’t get enough recognition, here’s my flowers!

Ray Keith – Dark Soldier

One track that epitomises everything I love about UK Dance culture. Historic, dark and real!

Youngstar – Pulse X

I think it goes without saying how influential this track was and still is. Choosing between this and Formula 2 is tough but where would we all be without Pulse X?

Lxury – JAWS

This song is an absolute dream. Another song i wish i made but i’m glad exists, if you’re reading this i hope you haven’t heard it yet and are prepared to be put under it’s spell.

Xpansions – Move Your Body (Elevation)

The song is as old as i am but nothing else gives me goosebumps like it. Anthem!


Double 99 – Rip Groove

Classic speed garage at its finest! I loved it so much I had every version of this song Vinyl, CD and Tape.

House Of Pain – Jump Around

No matter what party this gets played in the reaction is always the same! Sing alongs and everyone jumping around!

Burgaboy ft Addictive – Right There

Classic bassline drop! It translates to new listeners too with its simple build up into a simple but effective drop

Sia – Little Man (Exemen Remix)

From the into alone the crowd always gets hyped!

Rune – Calabria / Enur ft. Natasja – Calabria

You only have to play just the saxophone riff on its own and the crowd goes mental!

Shut Up And Dance – 4th Floor

Although it came from outside of the scene this track became somewhat of a Niche / Bassline anthem in the early days. I could have picked quite a few tracks by shut up and dance but this did it for me. 4×4 breakbeat at its best.

Mosca – Bax

At the time there wasn’t anything else like it. Old school garage intro but when it dropped… It was dark!  12 Years later and the reaction is still the same. “Oooh’s” from the crowd and everyone moving!

Flava D

Alan Braxe, Fred Falke – intro

One of the first house tunes I fell in love with as a teen. That mesmerising vocal sample before the drop gives me goosebumps

MJ Cole – Sincere

One of the finest UKG tunes ever made. I can still remember the first time I heard this come on the radio & how it made me feel.

Jessie Ware – Running (Disclosure remix)

This tune was such a catalyst for me in the early 2010’s. The perfect blend of old skool and new skool.

La Roux – In For The Kill (Skream Remix)

A personal fav from the dubstep era which played a big part in my production journey. I remember spending hours trying to recreate the reese bass that Skream uses in this.

Chase & Status – Take Me Away

A timeless  D&B classic! Taking me right back to my raving days in Essex

Nubirth – Anytime

This tune takes me back to being 15 and owning my first pair of Dj decks! One of the first vinyls I ever owned. Love at first hear!

Somore – industry standard – I refuse (what you want)

Classic vocal UKG banger that ticks all the boxes

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