We joined Clash Lion in Barcelona for their one year anniversary

Clash Lion is the musical lovechild of Daniel Watts, Shall Ocin, and TERR. 3 serious (and different in their own way) music producers/friends who wanted to create a platform for the influx of decent music they were receiving from producers and industry acquaintances who could seem not get their music signed.

Alas, they combined forces and created Clash Lion.

Tonight the dynamic threesome were celebrating the one year anniversary of their first (and very successful) release. In September 2017 the legendary Maceo Plex dropped his EP ‘Return’ on their label under his more drivy alias Maetrik.

Following releases included Shall Ocin, Daniel Watts, ANNA and 2018 artist of the year to watch Risa Taniguchi. Female guru ANNA released a more electronic EP, far different to her usual bossy techno, setting the tone that all music is welcome – selling the tracks is not the main concern and that their focus lies solely on artists being able to express themselves without confines or limitations.

A community where genre is not demarcated, proving that, when we work together in this industry instead of against each other we can create some serious magic. Shall explained to me that we have to be Zeitgeists in this industry, stay connected and do a little bit of everything, we should never confine ourselves to one genre/job.

So tonight in the dark, twisted and and oh so underground dance floor of Moog club in Barcelona, Clash Lion had A LOT to rejoice. I spend my days writing about vulnerability and social anxiety, so I wanted to highlight here, that going to a venue on my own, not knowing anyone, was a little intimidating for me.

Yet the second I walked through the doors I experienced an immediate sense of relief.

The vibe was rocking and I felt like I was a part of a little hidden community.

The DJ booth was full, the dance floor even fuller with smiling faces, many groovers with their eyes closed enjoying the intricate and moody sounds of Daniel Watts.

I did a quick tequila shot and made my way to the DJ booth to meet the geniuses behind the label.

At 2am the dance floor was heaving and TERR stepped on stage with her Ableton push and selected instruments to showcase her recently curated 1 hour live show. Her electro bassy twists and turns mixed with eclectic sounds gave off a bit of an 80’s vibe and I was absolutely entranced by her performance. This woman is an absolute boss at what she does and this is unmistakably expressed through her live set.

Her highly anticipated next release ‘Dust’ is set to drop on the 5th October which includes remixes from Curses, Daniel Watts and Cardopusher, as well as her own Raw Electro edit. When I asked Shall Ocin who would be closing the night after TERR he smiled and exclaimed ‘We are all family, we will most probably all play back to back, there are no boundaries with us.’ And so they did, bouncing between back to back, solo performances and ending the night together as one.

All hail Clash Lion, paving the way for artists and changing the mentality of the creative industry. I am now one very big fan.

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