Welcome to the Revolution, we head to Space Ibiza with the Carl Cox opening party

A beltin’ blast in the face was a warm welcome (actually it was rather chilly) from the biggest and god damn coldest ice cannon in Space. Then a rainbow confetti storm twinkled through the air filling the room with glittery amazing loveliness alongside some smooth housey beats – ‘oh yes, oh yes!’ As Coxy would say! I wasn’t aware there was such a party goin on… JOKE! Everyone knew about this one…

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Most of the voices I’d heard swirling round the streets, coves, beaches, party destinations, back allies, you name it on the White Isle all week were all ‘Carl Cox this, Carl Cox that’. In it’s 14th season in Space and one of Space’s biggest parties in Ibiza’s enchanting history , Carl Cox’s event is hitting it’s next phase – Music is Revolution! The veteran of acid house (everyone knows I LOVE a good acid house set!!) and champion of techno since the early 80’s, Coxy has enticed us to join the revolution by creating an even stronger party than ever before with the most diverse line-ups pushing the musical direction and productions of worldwide electronic music icons, hot up and coming artists and himself of course on the weekly 12-date event every Tuesday at Space – Playa D’en Bossa’s biggest and loudest club.

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Carl Cox had whipped up a crackin’ line up for the opening party – in the Terrace was Umek, Uner and Javi Row and the Discoteca (main room) it was techno power-couple Adam Beyer and Ida Engberg and the big man himself playing a mammoth 5 hour set. Word had slipped out the day before that Coxy had planned to play a really special secret opening set in the Sunset Terrace – it had been caught in the winds of talk in Ibiza and the word had definitely spread cos’ the place was packed out from early doors and his energetic set kicked off a hell of an evening for the pick-and-mix of clubbers!


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So… Of course it was gonna be a packed out event – it was Carl Cox. He’s a legend. One of the most cherished electronic music pioneers on this planet. The Discoteca when he showed his face was something else. The heat was crazy. It was like an invisible heat wall that when you walked through was your transit into Coxy’s beat world. What a world it was. It was dark with red lasers now and again his signature Carl Cox face silhouette would appear randomly anywhere in the huuuge dancing hall. It was so dark when the lasers and lights were out that all you could see were the white graphics on his t-shirt and the lights on the decks. The effects every time I’m in Space are completely different to the next but always make the experience a better one!

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The music was tech-housey to start with, easy going beats for over excited party people. He loves a bit of a hype up on the mic old Coxy does, always wanting to be involved with the crowd and bounce off them even if it’s just a shout out to tell them ‘Oh Yes, Oh Yes!’ he’s clearly still as excited about what he does now than ever before. Good vibes and happy faces everywhere in that room! In fact there were all sorts of facial expressions and dance moves going on! I love seeing people get completely lost in the love for the music and dance like no ones watching – it makes me extra happy to see people feel the way I feel when the beats take over your whole self – and that’s exactly how most people were in that Discoteca room that Carl Cox had infected with his music. One thing I will say is that my dancin’ space was a bit restricted because of how busy it was and that I had to resort to using a Coxy flyer as a fan cos’ it was ROASTING and there was no escaping the heat.

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Acid house and ice cannons were my peak pleasure moments of the night. I could’ve died when he dropped one of my favourite tracks BY FAR of 2015 – Josh Wink – ‘Talkin to You’ – such a BANGIN’ one by Mr Wink and every time I hear it I love it a bit more… Coxy, you made me so happy with this one that I bought myself a celebratory vodka! (at 18 euros it has to be a special occasion!). As he moved through the times of the music he was playing, we had a full-blown celebration of beats, old + new, smooth with groove and heavy beltin’ harder stuff (which is much more up my street and makes me let loose to the max!!). A mash up of the dearest and nearest underground, acid, techno, disco, house, funk and all things electronic music in it’s years going back to the 80’s and 90’s up until what the new sounds of today have to offer us beat lovers.

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A really successful opening party from the man who does it again and again, yeah after year. In his own words he says “I am very happy that people still enjoy my music. Music is my life and I have worked hard to try and share that”. Well, Carl Cox, we can tell.

Welcome to the Revolution…

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