Eco friendly What The Festival in the US takes its lead from Burning Man with a ‘Leave No Trace’ policy

What The Festival
June 17th to 20th
Wolf Run Ranch

Situated 90 miles North of Portland, Oregon at Wolf Run Ranch, a boutique music festival takes entitled What The Forest takes place with a very diverse and eclectic line-up. Set with a gorgeous backdrop that is the magnificent Mt. Hood, What The Festival contains a multitude of activities, art installations, music, and much much more! Artists perform across a total of eight stages allowing for a myriad of sounds and music environments all utilizing Funktion One sound systems that allow this festival to be known for having some of the best sound in America.

Massive pool parties, an illuminated forest, enormous art sculptures, acoustic instrumental and downtempo sets, live performance art, the largest disco ball in the Northwest, a decked out 3D cinema and even a full blown spa are all present. And if you want to upgrade to the OMG experience, you can have access to dedicated side viewing areas, a poolside bar service, complimentary happy hour, and plenty more perks.

What The Festival Photo 1

For 2016, What The Festival will bring forth none other than Thievery Corporation, Bonobo, Claude VonStroke, Claptone, J. Philp, and Le Youth for a delicate combination of House and Techno and everything in between. Festival favorites and acoustic acts such as Lettuce and Dixon’s Violin will also take to the stage as well as quite a few local acts and some more obscure artists to add to the musical knowledge base.

What The Festival is a highly communal and familial event that encourages everyone to be active and involved not only in the music and numerous activities but also in helping preserve the beautiful surroundings. Although this is a massive ordeal, festivalgoers are said to feel as if they are all one entity and one big family.

When attending a festival in a lush environment such as this one in Oregon, festivalgoers are encouraged to take note of small things such as not leaving their cars on idle, not ashing on the ground, and making sure they properly recycle. At this year’s Festival, Decoded will examine the concept of the ‘Leave No Trace’ philosophy and its uptake with attendees.

What The Festival Photo 2

Even things like spitting chewing gum on the ground or leaving candy wrappers or anything else on the ground can be detrimental to the environment and also be quite difficult to clean up after. Very often there are pyrotechnics, confetti, and streamers at festivals as well that can also cause a strain on the ecological system. Many festivals organizers promote health and wellness for the environment but how well do they actually preserve this?

In a world of lush greenery, magnificent trees, and amazing wildlife – how much do those who attend a community based, leave no trace behind event truly respect their surroundings? How much do the festival organizers actually do to make sure that there aren’t any traces left behind? All the glitter and bedazzled jewels and blacklight paint can all have dire effects on the environment. Are we really as environmentally conscious as we think we are or do people just care about having a great time without thinking about the long-term effects or consequences?