When Ikea met Harry.

Imagine a world where your livelihood requires boundless amounts of objects, all of which must be logged and remembered and stored as a collective body which must be accessible yet compact. These are the problems posed by those vinyl manipulators we know and love – the world of the DJ.

For Harry Love, his problems are long gone. Thanks to our favourite Swedish chaos solution, Ikea, Harry Love can now nonchalantly breeze through his catalogue of keyboards, mixing equipment and 4500 records, following an intervention by the furniture giant which de-cluttered the hip-hop producer’s operational quarters. 

The brand is tapping into audiences by encouraging them to be inventive with Ikea products – why not use a stack of shoe racks to store six keyboards? With the ‘KALLAX’ bookcase fitting conventional vinyl sleeves like a glove, Ikea are reminding the established DJ that their ever-growing collections are screaming for more regimented square storage cases.