This Wild Lilac Residence is an absolutely stunning contemporary home located in the heart of nature

The residence was designed by Walker Workshop, the Wild Lilac Residence is placed on a rough hillside in the foothills of San Bernardino, California’s National Forest. The single-story residence enjoys wonderful views all around and that is one of the reasons it is mostly covered in glazed surfaces that do not obstruct the panoramas.

“This 3200 SF single-family residence and accompanying 800 SF pool house were envisioned as a refuge cradled within the foothills of the San Bernardino National Forest. The design uses a series of thickened walls which run east-west along the topography of the dramatic mountain site to establish discrete programmatic zones and protect the interiors from the sun. Each resulting zone affirms its connection to the surrounding hillside, while the thickened walls demarcate successively more private areas of the house.” – Walker Workshop

Wild Lilac runs east to west along one of the range’s mesmerizing mountainsides, gifting its denizens with a unique, indoor/outdoor living area for quiet contemplation. Within, a collection of angular concrete dividers create the home’s programmatic zones, helping to dissuade the impedance of the sun at impressionable times of the day. The residence’s elaborate layout does more than keep its occupants cool during the state’s mild summers; it also helps to demarcate the different areas of the dwelling. A three-car garage, three bedrooms, and four baths blend seamlessly, thanks to the home’s adaptive, open-air amenities. Outside, a collection of sliding glass doors, length-running windows, and subtle water features serve to accent Lilac’s modest lap pool, spa, and Baja shelf.

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