“I will always have a soft spot for drum and bass, but techno is who I am and always been” – Vinicius Honorio

Brazilian Vinicius Honorio is on the techno ladder and is climbing it rapidly. Also one half of drum n bass duo Optiv and BTK (with Ed Holmes), London-based Vinicus’ brand of pounding, atmospheric techno has seen action on labels such as Unity Records, What Came First and Elevate, and has been supported by Alan Fitzpatrick and Pig & Dan, among others.

Hi, Vinicus, and thanks for talking with us. Firstly, congratulations on having Drumcode release your forthcoming EP. Do you feel like exciting events like this are a vindication of your hard work, and were there any occasions when you had any doubts about the path you had chosen?

It’s an incredible feeling to get such an achievement and I always believe there is space for everyone if you have love and dedication towards your goals in life. I always have been involved with music and I never had any doubts regarding any decisions I’ve made so far. Obviously it’s difficult to get your music heard when you are starting but perseverance and passion carried me through.

With your extensive background in drum‘n’bass working with Optiv as BTK, do you look at techno as something of a break from broken beats, or do you hold both genres in equal esteem?

I will always have a soft spot for drum and bass, but techno is who I am and always been. Optiv and I are still great friends, but as with many things in life you have to choose a different path than your friends for your own spiritual progression and happiness.

Are there any other genres that you’d like to experiment with, and what do you like to listen to when you’re not working with techno or d’n’b?

I listen to all sorts of music, depending on the mood and time of the day. Currently I do not intend to venture into other genres, I am content and complete with techno. I’ve been trying to attend to live concerts of my favourite bands lately and add something new into my routine. Moderat was the latest.

Techno audiences tend to be extremely involved and attentive to what the DJ is doing. What do you think is the essence of a good techno DJ set?

Reading the crowd is one of the most difficult skills to master when djing and over the years I’ve had a chance to observe and improve my sets depending on the atmosphere of the crowd. I believe it is important to feel the mood of the crowd, to be flexible and take them on a journey with you throughout the music.

Who do you look towards as true pioneers of techno, and who are the figures to watch out for in future?

Adam Beyer, say no more. Also, Green Velvet is one of my favourites as well as Chris Liebing. I believe that everyone is already watching him but I place my bets on Layton Giordani as the next techno superstar, his production is next level.

You play quite often at Egg London, and their nights cater to a wide variety of tastes, from house to r’n’b; techno to garage. Do you think that this eclecticism adds something to the venue?

Egg London is one of the most prestigious venues in London and it’s always a pleasure to DJ there for such an educated and open minded crowd. The club itself was built on acceptance of various genres and it doesn’t stop there. It’s well known for its variety of sound and events, which attracts huge crowds with its great line ups.

Do you have any particular crazy memories from any gigs or venues that you‘ve played?

There has been a number of gigs which will forever be in my heart and memory, and as you can imagine some of them are not safe to describe in details.

Your techno is noted for its big room sound, with pounding drums and deep, often sinister pads. What is your favourite piece of kit in the studio and do you have certain methodology that you apply to production, e.g. your DAW of choice?

I’m a software based producer, I use Cubase as my DAW loaded with Native Instruments VSTi, UAD plugins, a Subpac and a pair of genelecs 8030s.

Are there any projects or other ambitions that you’d like to have fulfilled by the end of 2017?

I wish to continue working with Adam and Drumcode, the experience so far has been incredible, and the love and support by the fans is warm, inspiring and motivating.

Thanks for chatting with us, and we wish you every success in the future!

Thank you guys for your time and this interview opportunity. Big love to everyone who’s been part of this new journey with me, especially to my upstairs neighbours. Even tho I know they can’t stand my loops anymore, they’ve finally given me peace to work from the living room.

Vinicius’s ‘Through The Darkness’ is out now on Drumcode
Grab it here


01. Marino Canal – Sentient – Mood
02. Kalden Bess – RAW (Petter B Remix) – Ground Factory
03. Torsten Kanzler – Drawer – Driving Forces
04. Vinicius Honorio – Through The Darkness – Drumcode
05. Sam Paganini – Mercury – Jam
06. Vinicius Honorio – Walking Shadow – Drumcode
07. Pleasurekraft – Maskara – Kraftek
08. SLV – Connections – Soma
09. Ilario Alicante – Hypno (Mark Broom Remix) – Cocoon
10. Vinicius Honorio – Desolate – Drumcode
11. Vinicius Honorio – Out For Blood – Drumcode
12. 2000 And One – Space Thang – Intacto
13. Electric Rescue – Bray (Keith Carnal Remix) – Arts Digital

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