Wind Layers – a new compilation by 7K! Records

On 25 June, 2021, 7K! Records release the latest edition in their compilation series ‘Layers. Wind Layers focusses on wind instruments and their influence on the contemporary classical multiverse, with musical creations that delicately balance acoustic expression, electronic refractions and ambient recall.

The first song from the compilation, ‘Beyond the Brake’ was written and recorded by Colin Stetson. The American artist, famed for his soundtracks and collaborations with the likes of Tom Waits, Bon Iver and Evan Parker amongst many others, distills his world into 92 seconds of high impact breath work using the bass saxophone. The result is a hypnotic encounter which winds between cinematic jazz mirages.

Originally recorded as part of my last solo record, ‘All This I Do For Glory’, ‘Beyond the Brake’ is a turning of attention back towards where and what was left behind. It is that one last look before the page turns, before the next thought emerges and this one falls away.  ‘All This I do for Glory’ was always intended as one side of a coin, and so I thought it fitting to share this piece now, in the time before the flip side comes to be.” Colin Stetson

Other artists featuring on the compilation include the Hamburg pianist, producer and composer Niklas Paschburg, contributing a piece conceived for accordion which uses sound recorded from different home-appliances, for example the notable inclusion steam sounds created by his kettle. The Polish clarinetist Waclaw Zimpel  and James-Holden-collaborator, Ralph Heidel also contribute tracks, plus the core-jazz world makes an appearance thanks to Peter Zummo, collaborator of John Lourie, The Lounge Lizards and Arthur Russell; and the Norwegian maestro Håkon Kornstad. The Italian duo of Tomat Petrella, a master of jazz and electronic, and the Neapolitan Antonio Raja, a craftsman who works with a minimalistic & theatrical approach to saxophone, give their own singular contribution.

The ‘Layers’ are also vehicles to discover lesser heard sounds such as those uniquely brought by Villette or the exploratio between kraut, jazz and electro by the Hungarian Barabás Lőrinc and the jewel between jazz-folk and classical recorded by the One Earth Orchestra (Germany). From Rome comes the exciting jazz trumpet by Giovanni Di Cosimo, while the Californian composer Doug Wieselman, the Sardinian Saffronkeira, the British Dylan Henner and the Franco-Belgian duo Ben Bentrand with Margaret Hermant of Echo Collective reopen to a more ambient world. The atmospheres change again thanks to the softness & rhythm of the sound of the handpan and the digestidoo of the French artist Waagal, while the creative madness of Exotic Sin (the UK / Japanese duo of Naima Karlsson and Kenichi Iwasa) and the Americans Steph Richards and Adam Cuthbert are  wholly enveloping.

Tracklist & Credits

  1. Colin Stetson – Beyond The Brake
  2. Ralph Heidel – Vacuum
  3. Waclaw Zimpel – Fen
  4. Niklas Paschburg – 9091FM
  5. Dylan Henner – Meskalamdug
  6. One Earth Orchestra – Siren
  7. Giovanni Di Cosimo – De Misofista
  8. Peter Zummo – Chord Fanfare (And You Can Decorate Your Helmet)
  9. Håkon Kornstad – Those Little Things
  10. Antonio Raia – The Cruel Ceremony Of The Cut
  11. Ben Bertrand Feat Margareth Hermant (Echo Collective) – Abroba
  12. Barabàs Loric – Rolling
  13. SaffronKeira – Love
  14. Villette – Medi
  15. Tomat Petrella – Oumuamua
  16. Waagal – Unconscious Patterns
  17. Christian Pensel – Wachsen Und Gedeihen
  18. Steph Richards (feat Qasim Naqvi) – Thyroid
  19. Exotic Sin – Process Symphony
  20. Adam Cuthbert – Aquarian Solstice
  21. Doug Wieselman – Vero Beach


About the Author

Loves long walks along the beach, holding hands and romantic 80's power ballads, partial to electronic music and likes to make the odd mix or two.