WooMooN invites you to discover a new party concept in Ibiza every Wednesday opening on July 6th until September 16th.

Set in the beautiful surrounding high in the mountains, Cova Santa is an idyllic setting for WooMooN, combining day and night, with music, arts, nature, a market and interactive experiences, it has something for everyone on the White Isle.

Featuring some of electronic music´s nomadic artists including Bedouin, Nicola Cruz (his first ever appearance in Ibiza), NU, Lucacruza, YoKOo and Valentin Huedo will be kicking off the opening party on July 6th.

The collective group of artists, Ritual Ibiza, are responsible for developing and creating the artistic content behind each new chapter of the story that will unfold during the summer season. Interpreted through live art, theatre, live performances and interactive experiences from 6pm until dawn rises.

Storytellers, based in Ibiza, are the promoters behind this new artistic concept;WooMooN and are well known for their creative and unique style. It is a night Ibiza is waiting for to see what is unveiled at the opening.
Storytellers presents WooMooN Ibiza, a new party that starts on July 6th in Ibiza and aims to give a twist to the nightlife on the White Isle. In such a special place like Cova Santa, WooMooN will be held every Wednesday combining day and night with music, live performances, nature, markets and interactive experiences. Perfectly synchronised with the music, the artistic content will tell a new story at every party, beginning from 6pm until dawn.

Storyteller’s new concept WooMooN will create a perfect unity between music and art. The musical performances at Cova Santa will be programmed featuring different spaces with simultaneous performances, live art, theatre and interactive experiences all created and performed by the group of artists from Ritual Ibiza.


The musical line up is committed to a varied cast of artists and electronic music, taking different styles influenced by sounds from around the world. What WooMooN describe as Nomad Sounds, have penetrated deep into the underground scenes of New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Tulum and Mykonos. Plus they are heard far afield at festivals such as Burning Man and Further Future. Spearheading this movement are Bedouin, LUM, Nu, Stavroz and YoKOo all residents at WooMooN, plus special performances by Behrouz, Matthew Dekay, Mees Dierdorp and Rampue among many others. WooMooN will also present the brand new scene of Andean electronics and for his first time performing in Ibiza will be Nicola Cruz, with Chancha Via Circuito, John Montoya and Lulacruza (who will be playing at the opening party), not to mention the support of BeGun, Christian Len and the Ibiza resident Valentin Huedo

The serene setting of Cova Santa is the perfect place to develop an event of this nature. Its lounge garden surrounded by fountains, nature and its crown jewel;the ancient cave is the idyllic setting to enjoy live music and open air sessions that will take place from 6pm. The club on the other hand, welcomes the nightlife and from Midnight sessions and performances will focus more to the dance floor. Clubbers will experience the night time magic of the performances from Ritual Ibiza.

cova santa

As part of the artistic offering from WooMooN, there will be a market with different trendsetting brands including Caravana, LoveRevolution, Capote Eyewear , as well as jewellery from Golombosi and art from the contemporary visual artist ,Olivia Steele. Urban in Ibiza will be bringing an array of especially made artworks and will showcase artists from their stable, who will be painting live throughout the night, featuring Inkie, Code FC, False, White Rabbit and Hosh. To fulfil any appetite needs, there are some excellent dining options at the restaurant Cova Santa with a menu built on the philosophy of a healthy and vegetarian lifestyle.

There will also be a Pop Up Bar Ibiza, artisanal ice cream by VOV and organic juices made by Potion Juicery. A complete experience where you can enjoy the party, day and night, food and drink, art and a market this will surpass the expectations of the public. Storytellers comment “from barefoot to high heels, at WooMooN everybody is welcome; this will be a party that does not care what your social standing is. This will be a celebration of life filled with exciting art and music. An intense and fun experience where you will feel the magic that only parties that connect us more deeply, will manage to create “.

What: WooMooN
When: Every Wednesday from 6th July – 16th September 2016
Where: Cova Santa
Who: Storytellers Ibiza
Prices: 30€ Advance / 35€ Door (check out special promotions via Facebook)
Ticketing Information: http://goo.gl/2yNWZs

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