WOOTT iOS plug-in is a must for your synths

Bram Bos has released WOOTT, a software dynamics processing for iOS (AUv3) that specialises in compressing signals both upwards and downwards, simultaneously. It’s based on the powerful OTT preset of Ableton Live’s Multiband Dynamics device, and has been described by its maker as “hot sauce for your synths“.

WOOTT is designed to slam the louder, more dominant aspects of an audio signal, while at the same time blowing up the “subtle quiet bits that were hiding below”.

It gives each of its three bands: an upwards compressor, a downwards compressor, and a dedicated limiter – each enjoys its own set of independent controls.

Bos says that this over-the-top combination of dynamics processors can be used to size up sounds to massive proportions, give synth filters a more aggressive edge, accentuate specific aspects of a synth melody and make “generally boring things more interesting”.

To help music-makers dial in their compressors more accurately, the centre panel of WOOTT’s UI displays the compression thresholds currently set, visualising each individual band simultaneously. Bos has also included factory presets that could serve a good jumping point with the nine-compressor plug-in.

WOOTT is available to download now on Apple’s app store for $3.99, with support for iOS11 and onwards. Find out more information here.

Source: musictech.net

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