Worlds Best Techno Clubs

What constitutes a good club? Is it the lights, the sound, the drinks? Or is it years of dedication to a sound, a dream, a vision to create a meeting place of like minded souls, united under the influence of music with soul?

Our very own Mick Finucane, a techno aficionado, lover of the 4/4 and renowned party boy, takes us on a journey of his top techno clubs around the world. When writing this article, a global perspective to try to touch on most continents was in mind.


[column size=one_third position=first]Cocorico - Italy[/column]

[column size=two_third position=last]Cocorico – Italy
Based in the Northeast of Italy in the tourist region of Riccione is one of Italy’s most famous clubs.  Over the years has developed into one of the world’s hottest club spots and commonly been referenced at ‘The Ibiza of Italy. The centre point of the club is an eye catching pyramid structure evoking an ancient Egyptian vibe, with another 3 rooms around it and has a capacity of 2000 people.  In the past it has hosted some of the world’s biggest DJ’s and nights like Circo Loco to CLR to marathon 10 to 12 hour sets by Marco Carola and more recently Joseph Capriati.[/column]

[column size=one_third position=first ]Fabric – United Kingdom[/column]

[column size=two_third position=last ]Fabric – United Kingdom
Founded in 1999 Fabric was created as part of a renovated area of the Metropolitan Cold stores and Smithfield Meat Market in Farringdon. The club has built up a reputation of Londons premier electronic music nightclub. Inside it comprises of 3 different rooms and is renowned for it sound sytem in each. On a weekly basis it hosts the crème de la crème of the music industry with it being predominantly drum and bass, dubstep on the Fridays with house and techno on the Saturday.

In the 2010 the club flirted with administration as it sister club ‘Matter’ went into administration but the club was back by a new consortium called Fabric Life Ltd thuds rescuing it from closure.[/column]

[column size=one_third position=first ]Row 14 Elrow - Spain[/column]

[column size=two_third position=last ]Row 14 / Elrow – Spain
When mentioning some of the best clubs and nights from around the world, I felt I had to mention Row 14 and its club night Elrow. In October they had their last night in Row 14 with Elrow City launch party planned for December in a new location. But Row 14 parties have been the stuff of the legends and ran for over five years.

The club is Located about 15mins outside Barcelona as one heads towards the airport. The club has a convertible roof and the main dance floor have another 2 outdoor terrace area on either side. The parties itself were a success for a few simple reasons great music and loads and loads of balloons, confetti and inflatable pool toys.[/column]

[column size=one_third position=first ]Trouw[/column]

[column size=two_third position=last ]Trouw – The Netherlands
Trouw is now arguably Amsterdam hottest spot for clubbing. The club is housed in an old printing warehouse on the east side of the city. The building was originally used to publish newspapers in World War 2. Not only is it a nightclub but can cater for all. Whether it be a business conference to a fashion show it accommodates most needs and was the first club in Amsterdam to receive 24hr license. The club itself is broken into 2 rooms and exudes a free spirited party atmosphere. The quality of acts is always of the highest degree.[/column]

[column size=one_third position=first ]Womb - Japan[/column]

[column size=two_third position=last ]Womb – Japan
Womb can be found in the district of Shibuya in Tokyo, a vibrant part of the city. Renowned for its awesome sound system the interior live up to the reputation too. On the ceiling is a giant mirror ball accompanied by a sick laser show. Having opened in 2000 the club is now the mecca of electronic music in Toyko.

From the outside it’s quite deceptive you would barely think it was a club apart a discreetly placed sign. Inside it consists of 4 floors with a bar on each floor with to accommodate its 1000 capacity. Its crowd is known for loving Techno but also hosts other acts of various genres and like to promote local talent too. Once a year it also hosts its own festival called Womb Adventure and which attracts up to 10000 clubbers.[/column]

[column size=one_third position=first ]Warung - Brazil[/column]

[column size=two_third position=last ]Warung – Brazil
Warung beach club is like no other club you have been to. Designed like a giant tepee, it can be found in the jungle on the south east coast Brazil. The club has a very strong Indonesian theme which is built on a spectacular paradise island and is facing the sea. Since its originally opened in 2002 it become one of the main venue to party in southern Brazil and now hosts an array of top class DJs to boot. It was designed by the owners after returning from Bali and has a capacity of 2500. Since its inception it has broadened it horizons from the paradise beach in Brazil to WMC in Miami, LA and Las Vegas.[/column]

[column size=one_third position=first ]DC10 - Ibiza[/column]

[column size=two_third position=last ]DC10 – Ibiza
DC10 opened in 1999 and like many clubs in Ibiza as an open air terrace club. Located in a former Aircraft Hanger beside Ibiza Airport its wasn’t until 2007 it had a roof put on. The club is broken into two main rooms capable of holding 1500 clubbers and had a stomach churning loud sound system to say the least. It came to prominence on the white isle in the mid noughties with residents like Luciano and Loco Dice when minimal scene was at its highest. Today its home to the world famous brand Circo Loco, who hold their parties, every Monday of the Ibiza season.[/column]

[column size=one_third position=first ]Berghain - Germany[/column]

[column size=two_third position=last ]Berghain – Germany
Berghain is considered to be not only the best club in Berlin but also in the world. Located on the border of Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain this is how it got its name from taking the laast 4 letters from each part. The club itself consists of a main rooms and the upstair being Panorama Bar.  Every weekend blasting out, the finest house and techno from Europe’s elitest DJs. The name Berghain is synonymous with Berlin clubbing scene and has been for years. Label showcases and Event nights can extend beyond 24hrs with many leaving in the wee hours of Monday morning.[/column]

[column size=one_third position=first ]Cielo – United States[/column]

[column size=two_third position=last ]Cielo – United States
NYC’s most iconic club is located in Manhattan in what is called the Meatpacking District. The club is very much of a funky vibe holding upto 300 people tooled up with the famous Funktion One system.  It was one of the first clubs stateside to embrace electronic music outside of Chicago and Detroit with Saha and Digweed playing there regularly in the noughties. Like many of the above mentioned clubs it goes hand in hand with the city’s reputation for clubbing. Local superstar DJs. Like Danny Tenaglia have put on some legendary nights and marathon sets there but the club has warmed more and more to Techno in the last few years.[/column]

[column size=one_third position=first ]The Spice Cellar – Australia[/column]

[column size=two_third position=last ]The Spice Cellar – Australia
A relative new comer compared to the other clubs listed, Spice is the brain child of Murat Kilic, himself a DJ & Producer, usually found in the haunts of Watergate during the European Summer. A small club, nestled in the heart of Sydney, a city renowned for its outdoor life, Spice is a melting pot of music and is best known for its after hours recovery parties and its yearly Spice Afloat harbour boat parties.[/column]