WSHOM (We Should Hang Out More) announce the release of the ‘No Mean’ EP with an exclusive mix

In a city renowned for its hedonism, one club night, in particular, has been pushing it as far as it can go. For the last four years, We Should Hang Out More has been one of the most inclusive and welcoming club nights for serious partygoers who love to boogie and sweat, with current monthly residencies at Glasgow’s legendary Sub Club and The Berkeley Suite.

The duo’s ‘All Kinds Of Disco’ music policy sees them run through everything from straight-up Disco, house, and funk, soul, electro, afro and latin. There’s a full spectrum of underground, accessible and groove-laden cuts, but at its core the music is party music. It’s for loving, hanging out (more) and dancing.

Now, with the release of their debut EP under the WSHOM banner, the duo of Peter Panther and Shahaa Tops are taking it further.

The EP is released on legendary disco label Midnight Riot, who’s history of releases include such artists as The Black Madonna, Late Nite Tuff Guy, Soul Clap, Amp Fiddler, Ron Basejam, Dr Packer, and Rayko among many others.

Both tracks are representative of the wide-ranging WSHOM sound, being retro-disco anthems and rolling house floor-fillers.

Du Jour is 80s drenched Nouveau Funk, with generous helpings of analog bass and anthemic nu-wave pop, while I Tell No Lie takes things in a more cosmic direction, all rolling disco vibes with a dark, hypnotic 1 am house feel. There’s a wealth of ideas in there, but they all come together to sound like the perfect encapsulation of the WSHOM sound.

Talking about the release and the move to producing their own records, WSHOM Peter Panther said: “Since we started We Should Hang Out More, we’ve been lucky enough to have played alongside some incredible DJs and producers. We’ve performed in front of such a huge range of energetic, often sold-out and always discerning audiences that it has very much moulded our production style. We’ve taken an educated guess at what people might like, and we hope they do.

Ironically, we were heavily involved in production prior to starting the club night! We’re both products of musical education. We were making edits to use as DJ tools independently of one another long before starting our club-night together. We’ve both worked in the music industry for over a decade. As a Scottish and Irish, Glasgow based DJing duo our obvious inspiration has been Optimo. We started the club night, it was time we started making tunes. There are many, many more releases to come.”

We would like to thank the guys for compiling the exclusive mix for Decoded Magazine and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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