Review : X-Press 2 ride the Metrowave

Artist : X-Press 2 & Leo Zero
Title : Metrowave EP
Label : Skint Records
Release : Out Now
Genre : House

House stalwarts X-Press 2 have spent the last 20 something years cooking up seminal track after seminal track. From London X-Press, through to AC/DC and Lazy, everything they release is a sure fire hit. Unsurprising then, when teaming up with producer Leo Zero, they’ve created two more killer cuts on Skint Records to add to the pile. And with remixes for Bryan Ferry and Paul Weller among others already under his belt, London based Leo has his own fine pedigree and studio craft to bring to the table. Metrowave is featured here in its original and dub versions as well as a neat remix from Matt Kamill. Rounding out the pack is Um Bah Be.

Metrowave is a bold, fresh and invigorating cut. Full of bounce and energy, its like dating a 18 year old in your 30s, it just never quits! Rumbling bass and tricked out rave stabs give the track drive and carry the listener forward. Play loud, all summer long. Preferably in a large warehouse club with a phat sound sysytem (or the car stereo with the volume cranked up!) The remix from Matt Kamill slows the vibe of the original, taking it more into a techno direction. Very much suiting the X-Press 2 of old, its tribal edge has this old raver hooked.

Unusually here the dub version is a lighter, more nuanced affair. No distorted 808s or rubber bass lines, its a straight house cut with more than one foot on a clapyso drenched beach. Continuing that sun drenched vibe, Um Bah Be is almost an exact copy of the Dub mix save an ad libbed vocal and some cool chords. If you’ve not really experienced Afro House, this is as good an introduction as you could wish for.