Xspance delivers a beautifully crafted debut album for Stripped Recordings

Artist: Xspance
Title: Warm Horizon
Label: Stripped Recordings
Cat No: 021SRLP
Released: 30th October 2017
Genre: Ambient / Electronica / Deep House

Hertfordshire lad born and raised Xspance (aka Myles Webb) delivers his debut album for Stripped Recordings entitled ‘Warm Horizon’. The album features twelve original productions by Xspance and what a collection of music it is…

The first track on the album is ‘Drift On’ and is the perfect intro to what is a great album. The track is a two-minute journey through deep electronica and would certainly not sound out of place on a sci-fi movie. Next up on the LP is ‘Cloudpoint’ where we see Xspance move into more downtempo breaks. Beautifully layered chords and deep mesmerising sounds fill your ears with this little beauty. Certainly one of those deep contemplation numbers! The third track on this album is another cut of fine electronica. Xspance is a man who clearly knows his way around a studio. ‘Iceberg’ is a delightful journey of wonderfully constructed warm pads and deep melodic notes of joy. Again this is another track that you can just sit back and forget the world to, which at present is not a bad way to spend five minutes.

Next up on this beautiful LP is ‘Ignite’ which sees a more breaks sound again. Certainly one of those sunset tracks that would end the day on a beautiful note. Stunning production! “Ocean & Sky’ leads on perfectly from the previous number and sees Xspance more into a more downtempo, deep house vibe. I think the kids call it “Indie Dance” these days! Whatever that means!!! Anyway enough waffling, this is a track of significate beauty that has been produced with thought and dexterity. The way the track builds a tension keeps that element of suspense throughout. Lovely! ‘Once’ is a blissful journey of downtempo emotion before we are lead into ‘One Look’ Which has a slightly darker, more moody feel. Love the breaks in this track! It has an almost Massive Attack like rhythm to the track.

‘Made of Colour’ is a more uptempo electronica feel to the track. Not a million miles away from the likes of Nathan Fake if you wish to try and label the track. Great trippy ethereal like vibe. ‘Into Dust’ sees Xspance move into more of a house music pace, yet still very emotive and stripped back! A great vibe, and would be a great early night, sunset track before moving into the more upbeat sounds. One of the journey DJs out there! ‘Fire Skies’ is one of those delightful progressive breaks tracks that I miss. Deep thought provoking, and some well used kicks on those broken beats! Stellar work here!!!

The penultimate track on the album is the title track which sees Xspance move back to a more four to the floor sound whilst still maintaining that deep beauty that has been carried right through this album. The final track ‘Tracing the Edges of Consciousness’ is a perfect way to end what is a beautifully crafted album. To end on an even better note this track can be downloaded for free by following the link to Soundcloud above.

01. Drift On (Intro)
02. Cloudpoint
03. Iceberg
04. Ignite
05. Ocean & Sky
06. Once
07. One Look
08. Made of Colour
09. Into Dust
10. Fire Skies
11. Warm Horizon
12. Tracing the Edges of Consciousness

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