Review: Warm house-y groover from Yamen & EDA is a winner

Artist: Yamen & EDA
Title: Temporis
Label: One Records
Released: 22th August 2016
Genre: House

French duo Yamen & EDA are gathering pace as an emerging talent in house music. They have their own unique style which merges sensual lush sounds and trippy undertones with gorgeous house grooves. They have gained release on Earlydub Records, One Records, Turquoise Blue and Safari Numerique. Here we take a look at their massive 4 track EP on One Records entitled ‘Temporis’.

‘Temporis’ kicks off with a skippy drum beat accompanied by a deep, luscious pad sound and stabs which seductively move you along with the track. As the track evolves you feel yourself being caressed in a soothing melodic haze. This is a beautifully crafted piece of music that reminds me of summer evenings sharing drinks with good company… gorgeous track!

‘Running Out’ has a tougher drum beat and slightly quicker pace from the start of this track which grabs your attention straight away. Soothing synths then start creeping into the track which then quickly change into stabby synths. All the sounds start playfully merging together as the track begins to unfold creating a lovely deep track. This is a delight for any house music lover!

‘Hustle’ has broken beats from the beginning of the track and it takes me back to earlier rap music, and especially reminds me of the King Bee track ‘Back By Dope Demand’. Once the familiar deep stabs, along with vocals that drift around the track, begin to appear then you know you’re firmly in Yamen & EDA territory. A really pleasing track that relaxes your mind allowing you to sink into the track and be wrapped in its warm housey embrace!

Deep, sensual, swirling synths engulf your mind right from the beginning of ‘The Mankind’. Accompany that with a twitchy, skippy drumbeat and you know you’re in for a groove fest! As the track progresses, with the help of added vocals, it then transforms into real house territory with a tougher bass pattern which helps the track pump along, and when all the elements of the track come together it becomes a proper house groover to get down with. Beautiful stuff from Yamen & EDA!

On the whole, this is a hugely satisfying EP. Every track has the Yamen & EDA signature of deep sounds meeting tougher house grooves. Perfect for any house music aficionado!

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About the Author

Massive lover of electronic music. Under the name of Carl Antony he produces tech house and techno and has remixed and released tracks on various labels worldwide such as Toxic Recordings, Amalgm8 Musiq, General Surgery Records, Hypnohouse and Spliced Vinyl Recordings. Carl also has his mixes aired on Séance Radio and appears as a regular guest DJ on Dutch radio show ‘Comfort Sessions’ on EJR Radio.