“It’s evident that the evolution of both software and hardware it’s constantly growing: the way you can make a beat nowadays is way more easy and affordable than how it could be a decade of years back” – YAYA

Bringing his African ethnic roots together with his fine Italian taste, Yaya is surely one of the hottest name in the scene. During these years he melted his own unique sound and he just founded his own label called Tamango Records. Yaya grows up in Torino, in the resonant Babylon of his home, where the rhythms of his father’s, singer and leading voice of the ensemble M’bamina, drums prophesied a multi-ethnic Italy. Since his teen age, Yaya approaches with the rhythm performing as a drummer around the city. He landed to Ibiza at the only age of 17 and his vivacity led him to play at several afterhours, being noticed by the entrepreneurs of the white island’s big electronic circus. In 2009, with his countless efforts and dedication, Yaya reaches the ears of the boss himself Loco Dice, releasing on Desolat his big debut EP called “Vecute”.

Since then, he started playing around the world alongside Loco Dice, moving between the big meccas of European electronic music: from renowned clubs like Fabric, Watergate, Sankeys and Cocoricò to the biggest festival as BPM, HYTE at Arena Berlin, Sonus and WE ARE FSTVL to name a few. He’s also a regular to extraeuropean trips with several appearances in Miami for WMC, New York City, South America, Thailand, Australia and his native Africa too. In Ibiza he performs at HYTE at Amnesia, Space, Ushuaia (Loco Dice’s Used & Abused), tINI & The Gang, Zoo Project plus numerous crazy after parties.

Hello Yaya, thanks for talking with us. We would like to ask a few questions about what you are working on at the moment, your forthcoming release on Monologue and your future plans.

So you have teamed up again with your compatriot Lorenzo Chiabotti which has always worked well in the past. Your latest EP you have crafted up for us which is called ‘The Fraud’ is out now on Monologue and will be their second release. Can you tell us a bit about how it came about releasing with Monologue?

Alessio Piccini is a good friend of mine and we often meet in clubs here in Berlin. A while ago he told me about his new project called ‘Monologue’ alongside Max Di Blasi. He also introduced me to the label and to the artists that will collaborate with them, including Guti and Ryan Crosson, giving me the chance to produce and EP for them. I was very interested about this project so I teamed up with my fellow Lorenzo Chiabotti and we created The Fraud EP.

The EP sounds great, we can hear both of your current sounds coming through nicely. Have you been working together in the same studio or has this mostly been a remote collaboration?

I worked on this EP with Lorenzo Chiabotti working together in my studio in Berlin. We used my machine and gears combined with his stuff including MPC, Moog and Maschine Studio. I really enjoy to work with him: he’s such a nice person and friend but he’s also very professional when it comes to the more serious side. He is very technician and neat from a working point of view and this is the reason of our long partnership also as producers and collaborators.

On production can you let us know what is changed for you in the past year or two in terms of software or hardware?

It’s evident that the evolution of both software and hardware it’s constantly growing: the way you can make a beat nowadays is way more easy and affordable than how it could be a decade of years back. I always worked with Logic and some external machine: my favorite are Moog Voyager, Elektron and Maschine Studio.

To add a little bit of an alternate direction Robert Dietz has created a nice acidic interpretation of the main track. How did the idea come about for Robert Dietz to do a remix for you?

In that period Robert was under our booking team Artist Alife, so we came up that he could be a good remixer of our product and he was very happy to work and collaborate for Monologue as much as we (me and Lorenzo) were.

Talking about remixes, Cassy did a superb job on your release Unconditional Love on Tamango Records. Could you give us a few names of producers who are on your list to possibly work with in the future?

In the the near future you’ll hear music from the likes of: Mike Shannon, Rich NXT, Diegro Krause, Ben Rau, Alex Ground, Jamahr and many more.

If you had to pick your current top 5 producers who you always look out for who would they be?

PRODUCERS: iO (Mulen), Archie Hamilton, Jamahr, Diego Krause, Premiesku

Same question on DJ’s or live performers. Who would make you want to attend a club night or festival?

DJS: Raresh, Apollonia, Enzo Siragusa, tINI, Mandar.

We may as well ask you the same question on which are your favourite labels without being biased haha?

In the past my objective was to start working with the Desolat crew and after hard work and dedication I reached my goal. Currently I played a lot of tracks from iO (Mulen) and the Apollonia guys and I have to admit that I would love to collaborate with them.

It looks like you have a pretty busy summer planned with gigs in Berlin, Sicily and your resident slots for Hyte at Amnesia in Ibiza. Can you tell us some more about your summer and what you are looking forward to?

This summer I will mostly play at Ibiza between HYTE, tINI & The Gang, Sankeys and after parties in villa. On July the 30th will take place the second Tamango Showcase at Classic Cub in Rimini which is without a doubt the best after party in Italy. I choose this venue because I love the promoters and the people involved in this historic club. I will play alongside with my boys Alex Ground and Jamahr. I will also play in a lot of more places including BPM Festival in Portugal, “Il Muretto” (Jesolo) and Afrobar with Loco Dice in the beautiful Afrobar in Catania (Sicily).

Could you let our readers know a bit about your future production plans, for example would you consider making an album with collaborations?

At the moment I’m very busy with my label, I have a full release schedule until mid 2018 but the idea of working on an album is always in my head and it will be surely one of my future projects.

Final question before we go, would you like yo do a tour of a particular continent and if so which one?

My dream is to organize a tour in Africa, from the north to Cape Town, but the idea to have a party in Benin, which is the hometown of my father, excites me even more and I hope to realize my desire as soon as possible.

YAYA’s & Lorenzo Chiabotti’s ‘The Fraud’ EP is out now on Monologue
Grab it here

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