Review: Yotam Avni drops a sound design masterpiece with Monad XXII

Artist: Yotam Avni
Title: Monad XXII
Label: Stroboscopic Artefacts
Released: Out Now
Genre: Techno

The latest installment of the Monad series welcomes Yotam Avni into the fold, a Tel Aviv-based producer who exhibits all the technical finesse of a scene veteran, but also the fresh enthusiasm of an artist whose releases have all appeared within this decade. Avni possesses a special skill for traversing the spectrum of sounds from soulful to steely without ever giving precedence to one mode or another, making him a natural to test his skills through the Monad project.

The Sterac mix of ‘This is How’ is still in my playlist as is a lot of other releases from this stellar imprint. Yotam doesnt mess about here and is straight in with his audacious charm. His synth work is incredible and the groove make up never stops to display ingenious intention. It keeps moving and evolving throughout to keep the listener intrigued. The opening track ‘Tinofet’ offers so many uses with the distinct feeling in a year or more you’d still be finding other ways to incorporate into your track-list. Sound design is beyond fantastic, humbling in the sense that this record sounds dedicated to the cause and pushes things forward.

‘Rusha’ is not as obvious, think melting an after hours or beginning a sunny boiler room, a very simple percussive groove accompanied with a hypnotic voice interweaving throughout. ‘Marva Version’ takes sound design into mandala territory. It reminds me of Bjork, spooky and beautiful in orchestration. Pan pipes hover round giving the feeling of a like a shamanic retreat. ‘Marva’ on the other hand, feels like a Tibetan Bowl expedition, while vocals hum and sing, in what feels like a purge, it’s beyond incredible. It’s fabulous in its creativity and construction. A well-polished gem that displays an amazing grace and a superb level of confidence.

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