Alan Fitzpatrick delivers stella remix of I’m Behind You by Yousef and Harry Romero

Artist: Yousef & Harry Romero
Title: I’m Behind You EP
Remixers: Alan Fitzpatrick
Label: Hottrax
Cat No: HXT009
Release: Out Now!
Genre: House/Techno

Yousef and Harry Romero are two men that certainly need no introduction at this stage but seeing their names on a release definitely needs some investigation.

The title track, ‘I’m Behind You’ comes to life with some clean precise percussion work that skips along on top of the great warm bassline, that we can see just throbbing through a dancefloor. There is a little organ sound that holds on things as the track moves forward and here’s also a great saw bass that drifts in and out of things too. As odd as this sounds, this saw bass is something that could have been used more but at the same time, used just enough. A solid track full of summery vibes for dancefloors of all shapes and sizes.

Alan Fitzpatrick drops in with his remix of ‘I’m Behind You’, and he has owned this one! A tougher vibe coming off the drums until we drop off into a great bit of rave influenced keys. Such a solid angle for this remix, you can guarantee you will see hands in the air when it gets dropped. Top marks here.

‘Tightrope’ closing things out with something that steps it up a notch from Alan Fitzpatrick and his remix. Chunky drums and some processed percussion lay out the foundations for a really well worked, chopped vocal that drives things along. The bass does a really good job of being the carrier of the groove and it even brings in a bit of funk too.

Overall a great release for the duo which backed up by a top drawer remix. Something for everyone on this and no doubt you will by catching yourself dancing to this one. Here’s hoping they have some more collaborations in the works.

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About the Author

With almost 8 years of music production under his belt while producing bass music as DROKKR and more recently, electro and techno under his Dave Mono moniker, the Cork based producer & DJ has enjoyed a truly tireless love affair with all forms of electronic music. From Aux 88 and right through to Venetian Snares, everything has found itself a little place in the heart of this Corkman.