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YouTube Originals Kids & Family released the official trailer for “Behind the Beats,” a new animated pop music anthology series produced by TeamTO and 22D Music Group in partnership with France Télévisions. Episodes 1 ‒ 4 will debut on Friday, 18th November on the YouTube Originals channeland the YouTube Kids app.

“Behind the Beats” (26 x 5’) is an animated series for families that tells the stories of how talented musicians with incredibly different styles came together, revealing the often-unexpected origins of new musical genres. Who knew the beats of these original tunes still reverberate in today’s pop music? Using funky, dynamic animated storytelling with our lively narrators, the series explores the stories behind movements such as New Wave, Rock’n’Roll, G-Funk, Reggae, Electro Pop and Trap.  Episode examples, which feature each three songs by the original performers, include Punk Meets Disco (how Blondie paved the way to the New Wave) and Gangsta Rap Meets P-Funk (how Snoop Dogg paved the way to G-Funk).

The trailer highlights how Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg completely changed the hip hop game. Where did Disco music come from? And how did staying up late result in the birth of techno music? ”Behind the Beats” takes you on a musical journey, telling the stories of how these musical genres came to life and the legends that paved the way.

Featuring the Nile Rodgers & Bernard Edwards’ iconic “We Are Family” theme song, with its infectious groove and inclusive lyrics, revisited by Mr. Rodgers himself in collaboration with Yeti Beats. Add the timeless flow of Snoop Dogg and vocals by Sheléa and eras and styles collide to create something new.

Produced in a modern music video/video game graphic style, “Behind the Beats” offers more than just a unique point of view on great musical moments – it inspires viewers to explore their own creativity, showcasing how many artists started their careers in unusual ways.

Created by Baptiste Jaquemet, “Behind the Beats” is produced by Corinne Kouper (TeamTO) and Emmanuel Deletang (22D MusicGroup). Craig Hunter, Global Head of Kids & Family Originals for YouTube, is creative lead from YouTube on the series with Zoë Di Stefano as creative executive. Creative lead at France Télévisions is Pierre Siracusa. The musical content, including the critical element of clearing artist rights, was led by 22D Music Group.

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