Zankee Gulati makes his debut on The Soundgarden

‘Visionary’ is first up – and, if there was ever a track that seemed custom-built to immediately command the attention of anyone within earshot, then we may well have found it. Organic drums start the track and are joined by layers of ethereal synth pads and a reverberated vocal sample.

Together they create a genuinely affecting piece of electronic music, before a devilishly catchy synthesiser refrain is thrust into the mix at the halfway point to top it all off in style.‘Fika’ is left with the unenviable task of following up – but, fortunately, it more than delivers. It’s a more nuanced affair than its predecessor; more urgent, perhaps, but still with that ethereal feel that Zankee is known for.

You’ll feel like you’ve been transported back to a summertime dancefloor.’I had the main melodies for both the tracks in my mind before I even started making them’, explains Zankee of the production processes behind the tracks. ‘So, both the tracks were made around the melody in mind, which is a little different to my usual approach of starting the tracks.

Both the tracks have this hypnotic blend of vocals and arps which really takes you to a special place where nothing else matters’.‘I always had The Soundgarden in mind while making this EP and it makes me super happy that Nick had the same feeling about it. I hope this music makes you feel a little happy during these tough times and you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it’.

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