Artists : Adam Kent

Track Name : The Red Hot Nickel EP

Label : Pro-B Tech

Cat No : PBT019

Released : 13.01.2014

Genre : Deep House/Progressive

Review by Brett Gould

So the Bristol club scene for years now has been a leading pioneer in anything breaks, but Adam Kent is fighting the house cause. Born in Durban, South Africa and now living here in the UK, the lad has produced a 3 track E.P which shows a perfect fusion for deep rooted house and prog.

This E.P has pushed the standard further for Pro B-Tech and the support from Sasha, Guy Mantzur and Nick Warren confirms it. Starting off with ‘Dollawa’, Adam keeps it stripped down with some nice builds in the break and once kicked in the crescendo comes in with an extra layer of tribal, hypnotic percussion. Second up is ‘Dulcet Bones’ which has a similar feel except the percussion on the mid to top gives you that acid house vibe. 3rd up is ‘She So Heavy’ which again shows some deep, acid and techno influences combined to create a track that will warm you one-second then send a cold shiver down your spine with some clever synth work. Good things are ahead for Adam Kent.

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