Ala Bogadnovic – Online exhibition 'ORANGE'

First in the TIP online art exhibition we proudly presents a artist with a great outlook on life, and artist that we have chosen to present due her passion to broaden the view of what has been there the whole time, someone who looks twice as everyday objects to get a different perspective. 
‘Orange’ is the first part of the art project “Do You Know Which Colour You Are?” by Russian born, London based, photographer and painter Ala Boganovic.. She describes the project to be about how everyone of us can consider our self’s to be a different colour, and where we see that colour in everyday life. For her personal colour she has chosen orange, so this is the color kicking of the first part in her on-going project.
“I consider my self as a orange colour, so I am taking pictures of orange objects around me; on my way to gym, uni, at home and everywhere. Usually before I start a project I was just passing by and didn’t see them, take them as something already exist. If we start think about: what happens if delete the colour – for example orange….. Also is about how we see orange – everyone absorb colours different and colour affects us different…. I want people to me more aware of the colours surrounding them.”
Ala’s photography is for sale, please contact her directly for information. 
Upcoming exhibitions: 
  18-19 February Middlesex University, Hendon campus, London. Events Day. i will show: Installation  (part of orange project). media – steel.

19-25  March. Espacio Gallery, 159 Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 7DG, London. Group show “A Place in Between”.

24-30 April. Cre8 Lifestyle Centre, 80 Eastway Hackney Wick, London . Group show “Art of the Hour”.

email Ala on for more information about her and her art.


As an artist, I like to think of my paintings as a snapshot and a capture of what I feel and what I behold. My ability to see, hear, feel and almost touch other peoples emoting’s and expressions and my patience to listen to their stories that sometimes is unspoken, and the observations I make in everyday life, that is where I root my inspiration.  It is the stories that touch my soul, my heart or stimulate me intellectually that grows to become my art.

Art is also a personal way of expression for my views of the world and I pursue a great interest in all creative media such a drawing, graphic design and photography alongside my main passion of painting. I see myself as an instrument of deliverance; to capture emotions, expressions and stories from my current surroundings.

My later art, and especially my photography, is a presentation of the ever changing London musical landscape, it portrays not only the music; but the people, venues, the lights and the emotions between dancers. My lens have captured love stories, friendships and the greatest highs and the lowest lows of musical profiles. The club scene of the UK capital has become one of the substantial pillars in my venture, I am constantly evolving me to grow alongside the musical industry, and several musical websites graphic has inspired me to evolve my traditional oil painting techniques to be a medium in the visualisation of music.

I grew up in a creative atmosphere where my grandfather did traditional oil paintings and my mother enjoyed designing and sewing clothes for the whole family. Throughout school I participated in art training in a wide range of practice, including: drawing, painting, composition and ceramics. These foundations were essential to me when I started the full-time studies at the Vilnius College of Construction and Design in Lithuania. I did a Multimedia Arts and Interactive Design course and received a professional BTEC designer qualification. I acquired the fundamentals of interactive audio visual media; digital and interactive technologies, script writing, project preparation and production as well as developed directing, film shooting and editing skills. In March 2013 I was chosen to participate in’s “#Food4Good” – event and was one of ten artists to showcase a painting inspired by a London based restaurant in the Barbican Centre during the one day Fairtrade charity event and I  been professional photographing for promotions and events from 2011.
Both my family background and my previous education have provided me with a foundation of skills and broad knowledge of art and design which I am bringing to my current course BA Fine Art at Middlesex University. Robert Rauschenberg’s use of materials in his paintings, and his limitless paintings has inspired me over the recent years and I am aiming to reach a different level in combining methods of art, not being stuck within one style or technique within my paintings and photography.

About the Author

Marketing, Social Media and creative writer, Maria has worked extensively in the music industry with venues and promoters, including The End / AKA. “I love to write. I love the challenge trying to give a memory to the reader through worlds – and I am always trying to write with feeling, passing the memories on".