andhim Interview

andhim is the cheeky German dj duo and producer team made up of Tobias and Simon, they have been making the dance floors moves from early 2010 when they finally got behind the decks and emerged from the studio. Their musical style, ‘Super House’, has become “it’s very own genre built from their soul and passion” as stated in their biography…So with a self-named genre, a tour schedule lined up with the hottest clubs in Europe and the US, accompanied with a long list of chart topping tracks (including Theophilus London ‘Wine & Chocolate’ remix and andhim ‘Patty Sue’ Super Flu Suncreams Remix) under their belt, we’re sure that this is just the beginning for andhim.

Being active social-media users, and posting mostly in German, they have re-wakened a language interest in many of us as some of their posts are too funny to miss, and recently andhim even shared the progress with their new track on Facebook, “boy boy boy” which is released later in the autumn, and the duo has built up a great hype around the track through their ‘sneak peeks’. They provide great insight in their producing but also in their actual day to day lives through their social media. Their interactions are real and honest, you feel as you are getting to know them a little. andhim has also on their official Youtube channel a great “behind the scenes” video of the making of Super Flu & andhim ‘Hasoweh’ video, which will brighten up any grey day and give you yet another insight in how these guys have a great sense of humour in an industry that sometimes can be downright hard and competitive. It’s not an unknown fact that most Dj’s and producers like to uphold a professional and cool persona, and sometimes have a guard that they may not easily let down, andhim does let that guard down; they are free spoken, funny and not scared to raise an eyebrow or two. All qualities which we at TIP find refreshing and very interesting.

Thisisprogressive managed to grab the attention of the duo just after some great gigs in Ibiza, so what do they have to say about producing, touring and that all important friendship?

Still being fresh-ish on the scene, would you mind to tell us in your words who you are and what do you do?
Hello there. We are andhim – a sexy mixture of bodybuilders, physicists and super models!

Where does the name andhim originate from, what does it mean to you?
It means that we are inseparable. It’s always me and him. A super duo.

From reading your bio, I understand that you met during a sausage eating competition, is this correct and would you mind elaborating on that for us?
This was 100% made up. The truth is that we met each other at a table dance bar. When I saw Tobias dancing it was like magic. I know we had to found a DJ team.

So it was BFF (best friends forever) from first sight?

Do you think is harder or easier producing and playing as a duo?
Much easier. We feel very sorry for all the single artists that has to tour the whole world on their own. We couldn’t do that. It is good to share those moments with someone. The good and the bad.

Does your vision and ideas ever cash, is it important to compromise or “stick to your guns”?
Of course we argue from time to time but in the end we always compromise.

Any new gadgets or toys in the studio that you like to share with the masses?
We bought a lot of percussions and a very old piano. Our studio is a total mess at the moment.

Your latest release, the well played remix of THEOPHILUS LONDON “WINE & CHOCOLATE”, is a massive dance floor filler, is it “super house” ,as you like to refer to your music, and what exactly is “super house”?
W&C is the epitome of super house. Super House shall simply make the people feel good, make them smile. We try to achieve this aim with our tracks without being cheesy.

You have had some great gigs over the last months, and some even greater coming up – which performance has been the best so far?
Puhh, can’t tell. We’re lucky to play a lot of cool gigs all over the world. The next one is always the best.

Do you find time to produce with such a busy schedule, and do you miss the studio when you out and about?
It is a big problem at the moment. We definitely need to be more in the studio. Next year :)

We here at TIP are great followers and fans, and we would love know what’s the secret to your success and awesomeness? *wink wink* Any tips for up and coming producers / dj’s?
Be a nice guy and be hard-working. That’s it. Of course a big dick can help you to speed up your career.

The tour is running until the end of 2013 – but I can’t see any UK dates on there, when can we catch you in the UK?
We played in London in June. And there is a request for Southampton in September. But you are right. We definitely need to play more often in the UK.

What else is in the pipeline for andhim?
Quite a lot but nothing we can talk about at the moment. What we can tell is that there is a new track coming out on Terminal M called “boy boy boy” by beginning of September. And we did a nice collabo track together with Super Flu for their upcoming album!
Be ready for some new remixes and other new singles till the end of the year.