Antrim – Labyrinth

Artist: Antrim
Title: Labyrinth
Label: Perspectives Digital
Cat No: PSDI023
Released: Unknown
Genre: Progressive House
Review by Andy Howarth

Now this is a treat… Antrim lands on Perspectives Digital with a beautifully created original track and 2 remixes to compliment it. Lead track ‘Labyrinth’ is a delicate twinkly number that is at once captivating and enthralling. I love this sort of stargazing Progressive, and records like this can only be described as ‘pretty’. The melodies and riffs dance around each other and are given heaps of space to manoeuvre so they sound equally fantastic either through the headphones or over the speakers. It’s quite easy to get lost in a track like this and even at over 8 minutes in length, you never get bored.

Gai Barone takes the core elements and goes epic with them. Creating an almost cinematic rendition of the track, he piles on huge sidechained soundscapes that engulf the listener. His rework of the track should certainly find favour with the likes of Nick Warren and John Digweed, so if that’s your bag, you know which rendition to head for.

Silinder is up next, with my personal favourite version of the 3. Whilst it’s not vastly different from the original, he takes the key parts and blends them with an awesome bassline that just gets under your skin. Repetition is key here, and by using copious amounts of loops, the track burrows its way into your head as it steadily and patiently builds towards a crescendo. Properly great work that rounds off a sensational EP from the evergreen Perspectives Digital imprint.