Apple meets Dre

News has been spreading across cyber world today, that Apple are putting together a colossal bid of $3.2 billion (£1.9bn) for Beats Electronics which was founded in 2008 by Jimmy lovine and Dr. Dre . The Financial Times has already reported, that a deal could be finalised as early as next week. This would be Apples largest ever acquisition and would be noted, as a definite change in how they future development and projects may pan out. We have seen Facebook pump billions into other projects such as Instagram and Whatsapp, now it seems Apple might do the same. Whilst this is still speculation, what we do know is, Apple can afford it.

What is intriguing however, is the mindset behind it. Apple already produces audio hardware and like Beats Electronics’ has its own streaming music service iTunes. It has made inroads into the market for subscription streaming-services. For $10 a month, one can access on demand music ad free. We also know that a few years ago Jimmy lovine approached Steve Jobs to launch an Apple music service. Couple that, with last year’s rumours of a partnership with Apple and a picture is beginning to develop. Beats was also known to be seeking a funding in the region of $60-$100 million dollars to challenge the likes of Spotify as an online streaming platform. I wonder who could afford this kind of funding?


From a headphone perspective, both parties could join forces across the market price range. As we know Apple earpod earphones are everywhere we look and nowadays Beats by Dre seem to be getting, just as popular, whether they are authentic or rip offs. But the facts are there to prove it. Beats controls a massive 27% of the headphone market and an even more impressive 57% of the higher end spectrum. For DJs, what could we expect? At the minute, I’m not sure. There is no doubt Apple who are synonymous with high quality products, can always bring something to the table. Currently Beats by Dre headphones are not seen as a DJ Tool by alot within the industry and are looked at as a more of a high end listening experience. Headphones are subjective of course and each to their own. But Apple are innovators, and it would not surprise me to go for the jugular and really break into the DJ/Production market alongside the big hitters like Sony and Sennheiser.