Balcazar – Between The Airports EP [Desertor Gang]

There are no prizes for guessing where the two tracks on this EP were made. Just because Blacazar made his beats on the road though doesn’t mean they are phoned in half assed efforts. Instead he serves up two striking tech house tunes that will stand out from any they are played next to in a DJ set.

First is ‘Air Side’, a nicely spacious and dubby groove that has a rolling, simple but effective baseline, twinkly melodies and nicely rough finger clicks driving it along. On the flip is Land Side, a tune that is slightly darker and has poignant chords floating above growling, tumultuous sub bass. It’s a simple but effective pair of tunes, this, but to pull off such a trick takes some skill indeed.

About the Author

A house music veteran, growing up with the sound before it was even called ‘house music’. A successful DJ and producer in his own right, an ex-label and record shop owner. It’s safe to say house and techno music has been a large part of James’ life for longer than most of today’s clubbers have been alive. Despite being a self-confessed ‘underground monkey’ James appreciates the adage ‘house is a feeling’, and that the scene is all about bringing people together no matter what sound you’re in to."