BASEMENT DXB is a brand new dual project by F.A.M.E DXB. Part one being Basement, the weekly nightclub event every Saturday fuelling Dubai with Deep, Dark, Melodic Techno at ‘Ego Urban Lounge’ and part 2 being ‘BASEMENT 101’ with consistent seminars by the acts that perform.

BASEMENT is a weekly event people look forward to, a rare project that injects cutting edge underground sounds. A larger aspect of the project is dedicated to educating people in the industry as well as up and coming artists, on the DO’s and HOW’s.  With ‘Basement 1O1’, our intention is to support the local talent scene by paving a solid platform by permitting rare one-on-one Q&As for them as DJs, producers, and mixing engineers giving them a better understanding by linking them with the right people and providing with a clearer vision of the larger picture.

On May 10th, we host CID inc, a veteran in the industry as a producer and a mixing-mastering engineer having worked with the likes of Guy J, Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren and massive labels such as Sudbeat, Lowbit Records, MicroCastle , Lost & Found, Black Hole, CID Ink will be discussing the creative flow in musical production, mixing and mastering, as well as showcasing a rare insight of a virtual tour to his personal studio.

The project is the brainchild of Subandrio and Nishan Lee who are no strangers in the industry.

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