Best of Intec 2014

Artist : Various
Title : Best of Intec 2014
Label : Intec
Release : Out Now
Genre : Techno

When I was asked to review the ‘Best of Intec 2014’ there was no need to think about it really. I have followed and purchased records on the label since its inception back in 1999. Nostalgic flashbacks of timeless classics like D-Clash, Pontape and Sunshine spring to mind. Back then of course, it was a vinyl only like all labels were before going digital. I have watched closely as the label evolved to present day, so could not pass up on reviewing last year’s best of releases mixed by label manager Jon Rundell.

We begin things courtesy of one of Spain’s finest producers in Dosem. Having several releases already on Intec, he knows the label well and this track is a nice way to start off proceedings. A melodic style of tech house with a hint of Latin funk in its elements would sit nicely in any resident’s bag to warm up a crowd. The next track is from Project AKC, whose identity I am still not sure of. He already has an impressive back catalogue of releases, with big labels the like of Soma and Octopus. The jacking vocal gives to a tougher side of tech house I feel and would the dance floor up a notch.

As we move along, another funky vocal driven track comes to prominence from Chris Count. This maintains the strong techy vibe and has very noticeable old school baseline that would be very familiar to old school drum and bass heads, but I must say complements the nice vocals very well. For whatever reason, I feel would slot in nicely in Armand van Helden’s sets of yesteryear.
The mood now starts to change somewhat onto a tougher flavour from Canadian duo The Junkies. Its style which has brought them much success and similar to what you would hear a lot on Dubfire’s Sci-Tec label, where they are no strangers as well. For me is perfect warm up vibe to handover to a peak-time slot to get on with it.

I now feel the mix is moving towards the sound that’s more common in Jon’s set. The sexy “love nation” vocals laid down on the heavy low end are very familiar to me and work off each other nicely, a trademark of another Canadian producer Carlo Lio. His sets and productions I am a big fan of and I think correlate with Carl’s vision for the label, always being tough and groovy but has that element of funk throughout. As I can hear the next track come to the forefront, I know straight off what is. ‘Distorted View’ is a no frills techno track from Label Manager Jon Rundell, who’s more recent productions I feel have been getting a bit more darker in sound with more industrial sounding elements and definitely get the thumbs up from me. This and ‘Backtrip’, which I will come onto later on have been two of my favourite tracks of the last 6 months.

Next up we have another long standing member of the Intec family, Tomy Declerque. Tomy is noted for a more grooving style of techno production and are always consistent in what he wants to achieve. This track ‘Restart’ and sit well within the middle of this compilation and has a searing synth breakdown which would build tension in a club nicely. From the seasoned Intec man like Tomy, we welcome a debutant to the label in Scotland’s Harvey McKay. Harvey has had a massive 2014 with big releases on Drumcode and Bedrock to name a few thus making some serious inroads in the scene. Like with Carlo Lio you can nearly tell the McKay sound. Funky vocal and chuggy driving low-end is perfect fit for the vibe of Intec Label.

Hailing from North of Italy, Matthew Jay is another Intec newbie, whose debut release came last April called ‘Nightlife in Brooklyn’ and he put a real stamp on this 2 track EP. This track is a bouncy and fits with nicely with the groove of the overall mix and leads us nicely into the aforementioned ‘Backtrip’. Produced by Spain’s Ramiro Lopez, this is an absolute beast of a track and has destroys club floors anywhere I have heard it. One word to sum up this is up and that is ‘stomping’! Post ‘Backtrip’ damage, Turkeys Ferhat Albayrak’s ‘The Lawgiver’ really keeps the energy and momentum going big time with its heavy percussive elements and rolling baselines really signifies that Jon is on full tilt here.As we approach the last quarter of this track list, ‘Bullet in my Head’ is a track from the album released last year by Drumcomplex & Roel Salemink. It has a strange distorted bell sound riff throughout that builds nicely before been released back into some mind warping carnage. Not for the faint hearted for sure.

Then out of the blue we are pulled back down to an almost minimal groove, courtesy of a remix from Joseph Capriati for the track ‘Zusammen’. I must say I really like it and is much different from the rest of the album and to be honest I wouldn’t have put Josephs name on it that’s for sure with glitch stabs and robotic noises. We are now into the penultimate track and it’s from the Queen of Techno herself Nicole Moudabar. Her productions are always pumping, full on, with loads of drums and a chunky low-end that I expect now on her productions. The track breaks with some nice pads and distorted male vocals before breaking back into full swing.

Jon has now well and truly taken the foot off the gas to wind this journey down nicely. The final track is again a remix from a legend on the scene. I associate Belgium with two things one being waffles the other Marco Bailey. His remix here for 999 called ‘Find the Answer’ has a sick acid baseline and sexy uplifting vocal, which has Ibiza terrace vibes written all over it.
All in all a nice end to a great in house label compilation. Jon worked his way through with the idea of capturing a whole night of Intec in just over and hour period. To experience it in the flesh there is a label showcase on in Farbric on the 2nd of April. Details here.  So do yourself a favour and head down to it, if you haven’t been to one before. Roll on Best of 2015!

01. Dosem – The Path
02. Project AKC – Moussaka
03. Chris Count – Go Harder
04. The Junkies – Revolution
05. Carlo Lio – Love Nation
06. Jon Rundell – Distorted View
07. Tomy DeClerque – Restart
08. Harvey McKay – Something Good
09. Mattew Jay – Nightlife In Brooklyn
10. Ramiro Lopez – Backtrip
11. Feraht Albyrak – The Lawgiver
12. Drumcomplex & Roel Salemink – Bullet In My Head
13. Carl Cox – Kommen Zusammen – Joseph Capriati Remix
14. Nicole Moudaber – Parts Unknown
15. 999 feat Amadeas – Find The Answer – Marco Bailey Bass Mover Mix