Artist: BirdsMakingMachine
Title: BirdsMakingMachine EP
Format: Vinyl Only
Label : Half Baked Records
Cat No: HB003
Released: First week of December 2013
Genre: Deep House
Review by Brett Gould

Half Baked return after a few months in the production wilderness with their trademark deep, techie and minimal sound. The label’s policy is to nurture the huge talent under their umbrella and work as a family. Simple, real and effective. For if you’ve ever been to one of their East London parties you know exactly what I’m talking about. Great vibe – No Attitude.

The Birds Making Machine is a 3 track E.P consisting of everything you want in a deep house affair. First up is ‘King Pulga’ which consists of a driving groove, trippy sounds, warm synths and underneath it has a slight industrial groove but still keeps the funk factor. Very Clever. 2nd Up is ‘Gnip Gnop’. A straight up jazzy groove with a slamming snare that gives the track its energy and bounce. Its surrounded by some very clever filtered synth work and a fat sub to finish nicely. 3rd up is a remix by Japanese Techno hero Fumiya Tanaka. He strips it down, keeps the synths but compresses the life out of them and gives the minimal heads the mix they were looking for.