By far the coolest music controller we have seen

This is a quick demo of Yuri Suzuki’s Urushi Musical Interface – a gorgeous electronic music controller that looks a bit like it was left behind by aliens for Jean Michel Jarre to play.

The Urushi Musical Interface is a project for Collacqueration: Designed in the UK – Lacquered in Japan exhibition at the Embassy of Japan in the UK.  The instrument is a touch panel musical interface which “uses principle of gold inlay.”

Black lacquered surface of the instrument is contrasted by the gold inlay lines of the actual
interface using the chinkin technique ‘when I got involved in this collaboration with the wajima
lacquer craftsman, I was amazed at how fine and beautiful a pattern one can produce on the
surface of glossy black lacquer pain through the gold inlay technique. then I became interested
in making an electronic musical interface which uses this technique. I also decided the
should be fulfilled both something as a beauty of aesthetic and of functionality.
the gold inlay is a
conductive surface, so when one touches it, the instrument will be switched on.

Check it out and let me know what you think of it! Would you give up a more traditional keyboard to try something new like this?

Interface Logic Design by Matt Rogers and Yuri Suzuki
Music by Matt Rogers
Designed by Yuri Suzuki
In collaboration with Wajima lacquer craftsman, Takashi Wakamiya