We catch up with Sharam Jey ahead of A Day Of sLick! outing in Mumbai

Flavor of the G House/ Nu Disco scene, Cologne bred giant Sharam, is poised with his debut sets in India for “A Day Of sLick! parties”. Moreover, his latest record label ‘Bunny Tiger’ has made it to the Beatport label top 10 within a year in 2013, instantly spread five No.1s and twenty top ten tracks on the Beatport Nudisco chart, calls for a celebration, all round.

Meeting the maker of “4 Da Loverz”, who has over fifty releases and an enviable number of remix work that still burn speakers and one of the most sought after House Dj’s, by miles, takes a bit of doing. But we corner him to chat about his imprint, his special musical relationship with Vanilla Ace, and plans for the near future.

Presenting – Sharam Jey.

Hey Sharam, great to have you chat with us at Decoded Magazine. Getting to India soon, for A Day Of sLick! How does it feel, excited with your maiden appearance in Mumbai?

There’s been a lot of great feedback for me and my label Bunny Tiger from India, so very excited to finally touch ground.

Can you talk us through, how the road from Iran all the way to Cologne happen. In all this, were your growing up years, were you close at hand to music?

I’ve been addicted to music ever since I was a kid, so I could name plenty of genre-crossing influences from the past up to the present musical landscape that have had their impacts on me. But what especially left its impact on me and my own musical output was probably the late 80’s/early 90’s Hip Hop/Rap scene.

How did you manage to find yourself in the DJing profession?

I started making proper mixes and experiment with my own productions the moment I was able to lay my hands on the necessary technical devices. Spending any minute and money I could spare , a couple of years later (in the 90’s that is) things luckily started to really take off for me – keeping me hooked ever since…

Would you be able to share with us, what processes you applied to open your own label. Happy with the way things are at the moment?

Bunny Tiger was brought into life about three years ago to create a platform that would give me more control in terms of my own career, but also to create a strong platform for all the exciting material that I get handed from other producers. Things have grown really fast and developed so incredibly well that we’re now about to launch a new a label imprint called Bunny Tiger Dubs that will present more techy and deep house sounds.

If you were to choose a club in your home town, which would you recommend?

I’m away touring most weekends and hardly get the chance to catch up with all things happening in Cologne, but it’s definitely one of the most exciting German cities for both day and night life.

You have a new release coming up in March with Vanilla Ace “Music Flow”, how did that collaboration happen, and can you tell us what style and feel you guys wanted to achieve with this release?

Sam and I have a great spirit going and continued working on more and more ideas after past collaborations, releases such as “Kinky Mind” and “Flash Rider”. Basically we always just bounce ideas back and forth until things take a shape we both are happy with. The reactions on “Music Flow” have been fantastic, definitely a major staple in my current sets.

You seem to have done quite a few remixes for other artists such as Moby, Faithless, Diplo to name some. Does this reworking give you joy, putting your take on things so to speak?

Always a pleasure to lay my hands on tracks by artists I respect a lot and rework them in my own style. Although there will certainly be some more remixes in the future, at the moment I’m pretty much focused on finishing a lot of original tracks I’ve been working on lately.

What plans for the rest of the year, something that you’re looking forward to musically?

There’s so much in the pipeline, plenty of great new material by different artists and also myself lined up for release on Bunny Tiger – including Vol.6 of our – “Selection” compilation series coming in April. Also hugely excited about the birth of the Bunny Tiger Dubs imprint.

To sign off, any special set plans for your A Day Of sLick! outing in Mumbai? And here’s wishing you a great tour.

I’m very curious to experience India and its club scene. Some brand new Bunny Tiger material waiting to be premiered and road tested on that special occasion. Thanks.

Catch Jeremy Olander, Uner, Magdalena, Sharam Jey at A Day of sLick! in Mumbai this weekend, proudly sponsored by Decoded Magazine

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.