We chat to the DJs from Regenerate Festival this weekend in Mumbai

Remember that one time you went for a music festival and befriended some strangers to finally realize, the bond you’ve shared with them over those 2 days would be stronger than any other relationship? That moment when your favourite DJ/artist has been building up the drop for an eternity and you just can’t wait for that heavy bass to create that moment of magic? Ever felt that a simple tune with no lyrics could evoke so many emotions within you – where you just want to get into a group hug with your best mates, where you want to share that moment with someone special who loves you beyond your imperfections, where you close your eyes with the biggest smile on your face and feel like you’re taken to another planet?

If yes, then look no further because you’ve come to the right place. Regenerate is a project started by two individuals who live for music. Music constitutes their soul and adds the awesomeness to their days. Their aim is to bring together all the people who share the same feeling, as Music is nothing but spreading the love and creating a close knit family of individuals who can let go of their inhibitions to them beats. Once a month we shout out to our fellow music lovers & ravers to get together and enjoy a few hours of music that revokes those same instances, moments & experiences and paves way for regeneration.

Mumbai. Not the most obvious place to have a crazy outdoor music festival one would surmise, but this group of like minded local DJs and music fans have done just that, and we at Decoded Magazine are proud media sponsors. We caught up with the residents Orbz & Zen, Blurry Slur and Twokid Wickid who are putting the city firmly o the international clubbing map.

Hi guys, so tell us about your involvement in this venture and how it’s gone so far:

Orbs&Zen: We were the first residents of Regenerate it’s been a fantastic year to say the least. To sum it up: Regenerate has brought down Half a dozen international artists and are topping that up with Mumbai’s first open air fest on their anniversary!

Blurry Slur: It’s been a great journey with the Regenerate team, since the first day I came on board. Not only do we have a super working relationship, but we are actually really good friends now, like family almost! With some great gigs and nights to show for, plus a whole bunch of stellar gigs and ideas lined up, I have to say, it’s been phenomenal! And promises to get even better!! Everyone does their bit to contribute always, and that’s super!

Twokid Wickid: Twokid Wickid represent Regenerate in Bangalore, so our involvement is all about interacting with people in our scene and letting them know what Regenerate is all about and EXACTLY how passionate they are about the whole building the scene in the country step by step , block by block , promoting REAL house music in all forms.

What’s the music scene like in Mumbai compared to the rest of the country? Who’s hot right now?

O&Z: Just like any other city Mumbai has an audience for every kind of music. Literally. But the gig culture has exponentially grown in the past 12-14 months. Lots of promoter’s venues and happy people around. If Mumbai gets 90 mins more to their deadline which we fucking deserve, then the city will have “a scene”

Blurry Slur: Good music and forward thinking artists have always been in the scene here, however, its only the last couple of years or so that we have really witnessed a major boom in the underground music space. Not just in Mumbai, but in the whole country. And that is awesome! Loads of guys are pushing some great music! Guys like Arjun Vagale, Anil Chawla, Kohra (Madhav Shorey) and B.L.O.T. (Gaurav Malaker) have been pioneers and continue to achieve greater things both locally and on the international front as well, and will always be an inspiration for people like me. Amongst the newer lot, my boys Oozeundat (Roan Sable / Sidhant Naren), Folic State (Karan Desai), Sandunes (Sanaya Ardeshir), Zokhuma (Arman Menzies) among others, have a really good scene going on, both as producers and performers.

Twokid Wickid: We’ve heard great things about Mumbai and the scene is definitely stronger than it was last year. There are quite a few agencies/artists pushing the underground sound and it’s good to see. It definitely has grown but only time will tell if it can sustain itself. Regenerate open air will be our first gig , and we are really lucky in a way, couldn’t have asked for a better debut gig ourselves! As for who’s hot in Mumbai right now, Regenerate of course have been doing one heck of a job, and so has the crew from Bhavishyavani, we’ve heard so much about the Eden festival and really love their concepts in general. As far as artists go, everyone who is involved in the scene is doing their bit to push it in a way, so it’s hard to pick a name!

There’s a real sense of India finding its feet with electronic dance music now. How have you personally felt the scene has developed?

O&Z – Sunburn & Submerge paved the way for EDM in India more than half a decade back and its only gotten bigger. But it’s the guys like Regenerate and a few other promoters and a bunch of local artists who have gotten deep/tech/techno to your local bars and clubs near you week after week. It has massively evolved in the past year specially.

Blurry Slur: India is in a really good place right now. You can feel it at the festivals and at the smaller club gigs alike. The energy, vibe, crowd participation is just amazing! And keeps getting bigger and better with each passing year. The number of top tier international artists touring India also keeps increasing, and that’s a great sign.

Twokid Wickid: Yes we think it’s come a long way. Two/three years back you wouldn’t find a lot of people perceptive to electronic music or packing clubs with regularity like how they are now. This is evident across all major cities and has taken baby steps in lesser know regions. It’s a great start! Although, in terms of going through the various depths of electronic music we think there’s still a fair distance to go. But at least there’s now a base laid out. It’s unto artists, promoters & Media to take it further than it is, in the right direction. Also, being open minded is key.

Regenerate is billed as a deep house event, but do you have other music styles too?

O&Z – We primarily play deep house too but we always blur the genre lines depending on the venue or our mood Of course staying away from music which requires smoke machines, disco lights or finger hearts.

Blurry Slur: Yes. Under my ‘Qwiver’ moniker, I play a solely ‘Techno’ inspired sound, that varies from locked-groove kind of Tech-House to bouncy Minimal to just proper peak time Techno.

Twokid Wickid: Yes we do Chicago House, Deep house to Detroit Techno / minimal and everything in between!

Where can people get tickets from?

From bookmyshow.com http://in.bookmyshow.com/events/regenerate-presents-by-the-pier/ET00024294

You’re playing monthly for Regenerate, but where else can we find you?

O&Z – You can find us at The Daily, Boveda, Nico Bombay or any other local bar actually as long as it the place goes with our vibe.
You can follow our gig alerts at www.facebook.com/orbsandzen

Blurry Slur – Apart from Regenerate, I’m doing a host of great club gigs leading up to the New Year. Also, I will be making my debut at two of the leading festivals in the country this December – Enchanted Valley Carnival (EVC) and Sunburn Festival (Goa). That should be fun. :)

Twokid Wickid: Bangalore!  Thats where we are from , apart from that as of now,  Chennai & Delhi on the horizon too. In December back to Mumbai and of course will see on the sands in Goa.

Any big guests you can tell us about that you’re excited to be playing along side?

O&Z – Kevin Knapp! Heard way too much about him and his productions and sets are top class.

Blurry Slur: I’ve been lucky enough to have the opportunity to share the decks with some stellar international talent this year. It’s always exciting to play alongside any international act, but I’m looking forward to sharing the decks with our headliner Kevin Knapp for Regenerate, as well as all the big names I’m going to get a chance to play alongside at the festivals. Also, at Regenerate we have some more super international acts lined up over the next few months, but I can’t spill the beans on them just yet. ;)

Twokid Wickid: We’ll be sharing the decks alongside some really cool artists, in fact we have already opened for Kevin Knapp in Bangalore last week, who also is our headliner for “By the Pier” and later on in the month RBMA are bringing this really cool artist from Scotland – Hudson Mohawke, so quite excited to be opening the night for him.

What’s been the highlight of the year for you?

O&Z – 8th of November is the highlight of the year which we are yet to experience. Ask us on the 10th

Blurry Slur: To be honest, I’ve loved each and every gig I’ve had the chance to play at this year; it’s just always fun being behind the decks. Some highlights would include playing alongside the likes of Max Cooper as I am such a big fan of the man myself and Tube & Berger who are just too massive in the Deep-Tech house scene. Also HNQO, Daniel Steinberg, Tigerskin among many others by Regenerate were stellar nights! It’s been a good year! :)

Twokid Wickid: Growing as artists and being part of an exciting and evolving scene !

Biggest learning curve in DJing/producing you’ve had?

O&Z – Biggest learning curve has been the realization that there are so many young guys who are really talented and put in a lot of hard work in their music. That’s a thought that keeps you motivated and humble.

Blurry Slur – I try my best to learn as much as I can on my own. DJ-ing came very naturally to me, at a really young age too. As for productions, I’ve been trying to grasp as much as I can just from online tutorials and tips from producer friends, and have some stuff I’m working on already. But I still wanna get better (a lot better) before I actually dish out some music. So that’s something to watch out for in the next few months.

Twokid Wickid – Perseverance and hard work. Nothing comes easily, unless you commit yourself to the grind.

Finally, can you summarise when the next Regenerate is, whose playing and where?

The big one! By the Pier celebrating Regenerates first year with Kevin and our friends B.L.O.T(Basic Love Of Things), Blurry Slur, Orbs & Zen, Oozeundat & Folic State in Mumbai. Can’t wait!!

For more details, head here