Crystall Ball – Not quite the same as a fortune tellers

This is more than a controller, its a real instrument based on movements, which provides a intuitive control MIDI synthesizers or creation software on your computer. Designed to create and control sounds, lights and videos, the Crystall Ball gives a new dimension to your computer-aided designs. Its an intuitive, interactive instrument and infinitely customisable in the studio or live situation.

Besides the usual features of a pad controller, each key of the Crystall Ball allows you to assign a command to the 5 optical sensors, providing simultaneous control of many effects, notes and samples. Your possibilities for creative freedom increase tenfold as a result. This could turn into a technological jewel for the simultaneous control and creation of both video and sound. Crystall Ball is adaptable and infinitely configurable, and Easy to use. It allows your actions follow your creative instincts in a unique interactive and sensory experience.

Because it appeals to the movements of your hands and your body, Crystall Ball reinvents the relationship between you and the technology and Invites more interaction as it follows your gesture to create sound effects and videos.