DanceTrippin extends its SMART TV App to the Opera TV Store

Music lovers can now host their favorite DJs in their living rooms on their connected TVs worldwide. DanceTrippin has deployed an app on Opera’s TV Store, bringing the party to the home. Together with it’s Roku and Amazon Fire TV App, DanceTrippin is now accessible through the majority of SMART TV devices.

“We’re thrilled to extend the reach of DanceTrippin into the TV app arena, and happy to do so together with one of the leading App platforms in the market. Opera is helping us to bring our programming to viewers in new and exciting ways through a variety of connected devices and platforms, which brings real value to our global audience base.” says Will Johnston, Founder and Managing Director of DanceTrippin.

DanceTrippin delivers high quality dance content with exclusive footage from world leading Techno, House, Tech House, Deep House and EDM DJs at the best parties around the world. The main format is “DanceTrippin Episodes” which are live recorded DJ sessions, an hour or more in length. Viewers hear the digital audio straight from the DJ’s mixer and see the real time synched video from multiple cameras strategically placed and freely roaming the party. The audience gets a close view of the performance as they mix, cut and scratch to the beat.

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