Darin Epsilon & DeeProgressV – The Conclusion (Remixes)

Artist : Darin Epsilon & DeeProgressv
Title : The Conclusion (Remixes)
Label : Perspectives Digital
Release : July 2014
Genre : Progressive House

When you own a label as well established as Darin’s, you’d be forgiven for putting together a remix package as ridiculously good as this one. As I downloaded it from my promos inbox my first thought as I saw the choice of remixers was “I don’t know where to start!” Darin has picked a wealth of talent from Argentina, including the daddy himself, Hernan Cattaneo with long time studio partner Soundexile and rising stars Marcelo Vasami and Mike Griego. This is a stellar line up and it was hard to pick a favourite.

Lets start with Hernan’s mix. What can I say about Mr Cattaneo that I haven’t already. A firm favourite here at TIP towers, his sublime take on this track oozes quality. Hypnotic and dreamy, the formidable duo weave a tantalising story with tribal beats and melodies which entrance the listener from the first bar. Its pretty much a standard Cattaneo remix if I’m brutally honest, but when the bar is as high as Hernan makes it, standard is a massive understatement.

Marcelo Vasami is up next and I’m really glad this fella is getting more noticed because he makes the kind of floaty progressive I really adore. And thats whats on offer here. Starting deeper than the first mix, Vasami takes his time to introduce the elements creating a wonderful tension and allowing the various parts the breath and find their space. Something I’ve noticed about many of the Vasami mixes I’ve got is the attention to detail and glorious baselines he writes. Both are evident here and dare I say it, Marcelo provides a better mix than King Cattaneo. If this is your kind of track, be sure to check this guys soundcloud out, he is something pretty special.

Third and by no means last is the incredibly talented Mike Griego. This has to be my favourite remix of this package manly due to the incredible drum work and groove this track has. Now, its no secret I’ve been heading down a more techno inspired musical path of late and this mix perfectly encompasses both my passion for progressive and tribal sounds and my ever growing love of deep techno. Expect me to be hammering this all summer!