Decoded heads to Holland with ‘Een Gramdiose Koningsdag’ Ft. Todd Terry, Terrence Parker & Rene Engel in an exclusive last appearance

Each year in Holland the country comes to a stop to celebrate the royal families birthdays. Monday April 27th is Kings Day or Koningsdag. Decoded Magazine are proud sponsors for the day long events in Alkmaar this year which feature some of the best local talent, as well as international guests.

The free daytime event called ‘Een Gramdiose Koningsdag’ features NYC legend Todd Terry with fellow American house hero Terrence Parker, with support from Eindbaas, Vonder and Rene Engel in an exclusive last appearance. We caught up with Rene to find out more and ask him about his decision to leave dance music.

Six or seven years ago I met Robert Jan Wille from 3Gram, he was busy organising some parties and asked me to play at one of his nights. Back then I played with Dennis Koolaard as the ‘Nachtwacht’. It became a top night, and we were booked more to play at Robert Jan’s events and we became good friends. A couple of years later I went on to play solo because Dennis moved to Israel, and I became the resident of the 3Gram nights.


Every Queensday, and later Kingsday, I played there and in 2012, for the first time on the ‘Paardenmarkt’ in Alkmaar, I played the closing set. This was a personal highlight for me; things went crazy! This year Robert Jan asked me to play the same slot, the closing set. Because my beautiful memories and it is my last time, I am doing everything I can to make it a unforgettable set, I can’t wait!


The reason that I must quit DJing is because wife and I are shortly going to have another baby, and I want to spend my time with them. Maybe that sounds a bit dull or boring, but the fact is, apart from the music I still have a ‘normal’ day job. If you combine that with touring every weekend you can understand it’s very hard.


Next to that my health was not always 100% the last two years, so after a lot of thinking I decided to quit. I played a lot of really cool festivals and played almost every club in Holland, so I am very grateful and proud. 

For more information on this free event, please visit the events page here.


As we all know, one party is never enough! So Koningsnacht in Alkmaar will be hosted by Het Diepe with assistance from the 3Gram and Cafe de Vooruitgang teams. Boasting a world class European line up, the headliner will be Dutch supremo De Sluwe Vos, ably assisted by Marco Faraone, Hightower and Bas Dobbelaer. Again this event is free kicking off at 6pm through to 11.30pm… well, it is a work day!

For more information please visit the events page here.