Decoded Radio presents Henry Saiz and Natura Sonoris label showcase

Henry Saiz is an electronic music artist who transcends trend and formula to create a musical language that can be difficult to describe, but simple to enjoy. The Madrid-Native DJ & producer soon attracted the attention of UK giants such as Renaissance, Global Underground and Bedrock. His own label Naturasonoris won “Best Label” of 2011 by Deejay Magazine and his standout remix of Guy J’s “Lamur” brought him his first “Essential New Tune” from Radio 1’s Pete Tong.

He was also chosen to follow in the path of dance music elite when invited to mix his own CD compilation for the prestigious Balance Series (also in 2011). A process in which he utilized vinyl, cassette, reel-to-reel tapes and over 100 field recordings that he’s recorded as a pre-teen. Many still regard the mix to be the finest the label has released so far. Following on from the likes of James Holden, Joris Voorn, Will Saul and Agoria. Henry’s addition to this world-renowned mix series has more than lived up to expectations and has set a new benchmark in depth and quality.

In the last years, Henry’s impressive curriculum has led him to perform around the world. Accumulating many big successes, including praise from critics and the public from festivals such as Sonar, Creamfields, Ultra Miami, Global Gathering and Benicassim among many others. Simultaneously, Henry has created and hosted his very own on-line radio show “The Labyrinth” with a growing legion of listeners worldwide.

After a long list of successful releases and non-stop touring worldwide. Henry releases in 2013 his debut LP. The suggestively tittled “Reality Is For Those Who Are Not Strong Enough To Confront Their Dreams”. The embodiment of 2 years of production and recording. The album features 17 tracks over an extended listen to immerse the listeners in a journey through Henry’s own interpretation of Electronica. A listen that is likely to surprise both his existing fans and the new ones discovering him for the first time. And with that, sit back, press play, and immerse yourself in the sound of Henry Saiz.

Interview @ Stereo, Montreal

Henry and Marc, thank you so much for taking time with us. It’s an honor to have the opportunity to speak with you on behalf of Decoded Magazine North America.

How was your experience touring in North America – any particular highlights that stand out?

Henry: Was pretty amazing, lot of highlights since all the gigs were really good, a few that come to my mind quickly are playing 9 hours back to back with Marc at Stereo, Verboten in NY, that super fun night at Clinic L.A., and the amazing energies at Habitat in Calgary, but all the gigs were great indeed.

Marc: By far we both think the 9 hours b2b set at stereo was the most exciting set from this tour and probably from our entire life playing together. It was a truly tripping experience. It’s difficult to explain, those experiences you need to feel it by yourself. We don’t really prepare the sets when we play together, we let our minds synchronize while playing, even without barely speaking to each other. During the Stereo set, every track we were playing was combining perfectly to the previous one, keeping the groove on the dance floor and letting the mind be free, I know it can sound too poetic, but it was really like that!

Tell us about your home studio, your most important piece of equipment, as well as the gear for your live shows?

Henry: The whole list is like I don’t even remember, sometimes I find out I have a synth in a box that I haven’t used for 2 years and I have to start selling things ‘cause it’s stupid.

I love all my analog toys as well as Marc and maybe one of my favorite pieces is the TB303, of course, I have a very weird synth that nobody has it’s super unknown – it’s amazing it’s called “Kawai SX-210” I found it on eBay and didn’t even know how it sounded but I kinda liked the design. I bought it and wow, it’s unbelievable, it’s the real sound of the 80s, like all the textures and filters and I just love the 80s.

And then the thing about my studio is, it’s pretty cool, I have a lot of nice pieces of synthesizers and classics but the thing I like the most is where it’s located because it’s like a wood house on my yard next to the swimming pool so during the summer it’s perfect, you can jump from the studio to the pool and I live like 100 meters from the sea so it’s beautiful. I wouldn’t change that place for anything…it’s like my little piece of paradise. It’s really important the environment when I’m writing music because it’s very hard to focus my attention on one thing, I’m very hyperactive and in that surrounding I swear I feel more focused.

For the live set up, we bring whatever’s really customized, like it has our own sounds and all that we have to bring it like the brain of the instrument drum that we use but ya, we ask for mixers and guitars as otherwise it’s too crazy to travel with that amount of gear. But I think the most important part of my live set up are the guys, of course because we are like a band when we play together and I wanted the live show to have that band feeling and they are great performers and my best friends so it’s great to be on the road with them.

Marc: I have so many different types of gear on my studio, but I think the most important elements are the sound quality of my set up (speakers and acoustic treatment), Ableton Live with plugins and my favorite analog stuff (original version Korg MS20, Oberheim OB8, Rhodes, Roland TR909 and Moog Voyager). For those who are curious they can check my studio on my facebook. On my latest live set up, I’m using a customized high end midi controller, macbook pro running Ableton 9, few plugins, Novation Bass Station, Alesis drum pad, Akai APC Mini, Novation Launchpad, iConnect 2, 4 control pedals and RME Fireface 400 audio interface. I guess playing keyboards and drums live gives something different in the live set, it brings some fresh air and improvisation to the live sets, rather than someone behind a computer and a midi controller.

How does Spain differ from other parts of the world in terms of the mindset & approach towards music & the arts -and- how do you see yourself & the electronic scene evolving?

Henry: Every country has its own personality and vibe and actually every city does, so I’d have to explain city by city in Spain since it changes a lot, it´s good in general, we just need our government to support more the national art. Nowadays there´s loads of amazing producers and artists coming from Spain, so I’m very positive about it.

Me? I see myself evolving as I always do but keeping my essence which I think is why people follow my music.

Marc: Spain made a huge improvement in the past years with electronic music, I think people are getting more educated and more curious about this world. You just need to see how many talented producers from Spain are appearing on the international scene and how many festivals. Also it’s a good place to play, especially during the festivals.

I cannot tell where I see myself in the future, but I just hope I’m still doing what I love.

Where do you derive your greatest inspiration to create? Can you describe a project that was really challenging and how you overcame the obstacles to bring it to fruition?

Henry: Inspiration comes from everything and it´s just what you are, music is just an extension of who you are as a person and as an artist and how you communicate your message. Environment is very important for me though, it really affects my mood and the way i approach creation. Every piece is a challenging project and like giving birth, so it´s always painful, hard but full of rewards.

Marc: I think everything can inspire you – people, environment, other tracks, problems, breakups, happiness, sadness, all feelings inside you can be a great source of inspiration, you just need to know you can transform these feelings into music. Without doubt my most challenging project has been suite on clouds, it was a concert in a big auditorium with 3D mapping, 8 violinists, grand piano, harp, symphonic percussion and tones of work, hopefully it will be released this year with a video of the concert.

Fill us in on some of the exciting new things we can expect to hear from you this year. Any plans to work together or tour again later in 2015?

Henry: I’m working on three projects at the same time. This year I’m finishing my Hal Incandenza album which is amazing, to be honest. I’m so proud of it. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. It’s something I’ll release this year for sure. My band ‘Splendor’ will be out this year finally (I can’t say more information right now). I’m gonna release a dvd or blue ray of our live show we did at Sonar in 2014 and after summer, I’ll start planning the new Henry Saiz album.

We definitely would love to do a back to back tour in North America (Marc & I), I think there´s a demand for that and would be something very special for sure!

Marc: I’m still doing presentations of my album and it will take few months more. There are a lot of countries I didn’t visit yet. After we’ll finish our respective tours, we talked to prepare a special B2B tour playing all night long in every club, and when I mean all night long we mean opening and closing the club, no matter how many hours we need to play. After the more than 9 hours set in Stereo we realized we have a powerful energy playing long sets. We really enjoy so much playing together, and it could be a really special tour.

Special thank you to our North American writer Bonnie aka Just B for the interview.


Ian Dillon

01. Chicola – Addikted (Guy Mantzur Remix ) [Plattenbank]
02. Roi Okev, Hakimonu – Stimulation (Original Mix) [Sudbeat]
03. Andhim – Domplatte (Original Mix) [Get Physical Music]
04. Dave Seaman – Distraction Tactics (Zoo Brazil Remix)[Sullivan Room Records]
05. Artifact – Who Knew Her (Original Mix) [MadTech Records]
06. Spirit Catcher & Raxon – Remember to Forget (Original Mix) [Gruuv]
07. Jaap Ligthart feat. Alice Rose – I Know Change (SHOW-B Remix) [Selador]
08. Melokolektiv, Darlyn Vlys – Change Of Mind feat. Forrest (DUB Version) [Off Recordings]
09. Liu Bei – Atlas World (Solomun Night Remix) [2DIY4]

Henry Saiz (Natura Sonoris Showcase)

01. Ugoluna “World Solo Take One” D.a.r.y.l. Remix
02. Damabiah “Sure les Genoux d l´automne” Ryan Davis Remix
03. Dosem “August lovers”
04. Henry Saiz “White Rythmic mirror” Marc Marzenit Remix
05. Cora Novoa “Icaro” Sistema Remix
06. Cora Novoa “save me” Pional Remix
07. Henry Saiz “Our discovery” Bostro Pesopeo Remix
08. Cora Novoa “Black heart” Simon Garcia Remix
09. Ugoluna “Kukenan”
10. Marc Marzenit “Theme for the end”
11. Damabiah “La Hutte” bRUNA Remix

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