Deepfunk Interview

Hi Deepfunk, Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed for This is Progressive….. 
Hello it’s my pleasure and thanks for inviting me :)

From your biography we see you started young.
How hard was it getting access to dance music in Malta? 

Emmm not really hard actually, the techno scene in Malta in those days was great, I had a lot of older friends who had already been going to parties when I couldn’t, so there was a lot of music related stuff going on around me..

For you, which came first? Producing or DJing and why? 
DJing was first, bought a pair of decks when i was, i think 14 or something. I started going to some events and good weekly nights at a bit of a young age, :) was still in secondary school… and was fascinated on how music coming out from vinyl could be perfectly mixed together. Then, soon after became interested in how music was made and that was the start..

Tell us about your first ever track. How was it made, what was your studio like back then?
I had made a bunch of tracks (which I still have on cd) with a PC application called rebirth, only had a PC to work with and maybe a couple of music making software. However, my first released was a 4-track EP in 2007.

Your music embraces many elements, have you purposely strived for a particular sound 
or have you felt it was more a natural progression over time?

No, never tried to get a specific sound or anything, just like to express myself by making noise and let it take me wherever it does, Usually what I write depends on my mood, and the experiences I’m going through that moment. I’m thankful that some people like it :)

Our industry has seen many changes throughout the years. One burning topic is the struggle for 
exposure in a flooded marketplace. How do you find this affects you, and releasing your music? 
Was that the catalyst for starting SixtySevenSuns? 

Yes the market is flooded, cos today it’s one click away to putting your music out there.. which is a good thing in a way, there’s a lot of good stuff and great, interesting artists, but again there’s nothing to filter the bad music coming in either. It can affect anyone I think, I try not to think a lot about things like this, if you keep doing what you love and having fun while doing it, and produce good stuff, eventually you will get noticed..

Congratulations on the Tour. Why did you choose India and Argentina? 
emmm India’s scene is growing rapidly and in my opinion is a great place to tour, we’re just closing the new dates as we had to make some changes…. Argentina is undoubtably the best place on earth to play, the amount of feedback and support you get from people is incredible. Just came back from Argentina last week and already thinking about when to go back :) hehe.. This was my second tour there, and it went very well!! some great nights!!

Do you ever find your touring translates to the music you produce?
yeah I think you can get inspired quite a lot from places you visit, which is a good thing. cos music you make should be based on personal experience not following the best music at that moment, in my opinion.. And also during my travels I record a lot of sounds which I would later use in the studio…

I think its fair to say touring can take a toll on the body and spirit, how do you enjoy your down time?
Long flights are the worst, but then again it’s all worth it once you arrive and know you’re gonna be playing the music you love to a responding crowd takes away all the boredom of traveling… I try to take it easy, do things I like, usually I’m watching movies or experimenting with new music software I get while sitting in airports. When back from a tour, I usually take a few days off, just relax. .

Much has been reported about the US ‘EDM’ scene, how receptive have crowds been to 
your more underground sound?

People who always followed good underground electronic music will never change, it’s a way of life, you are what you listen to… the problem I see with this “EDM” is the new generation, kids growing up with so much stupid music and acts around them, getting the idea that throwing Cakes at crowds, jumping of trampolines and wearing costumes during gigs is more important than delivering a musically good Dj set.

Is there anyone currently who has caught your attention; one to watch?
I’m always looking for interesting artists, but the past few months I really became a fan of Ina Becker, who’s also been featured on a release on my label.

What advice would you give to anyone starting out these days? 
Just make anything you love listening to and music you really feel that represents yourself. The best things can come out from that and don’t do anything just for fame..

And Lastly, is there anything in the pipeline that you can tell us about?
Yeah, I’m doing some collaborations with Van Did, which I’m very happy about, we will be releasing some stuff slowly… also I’ve been working on an album and I’m really working hard on, which is slowly getting together, so, we’ll see. There’s some other touring to do too

Thanks very much for stopping by Deepfunk. 
Thanks a lot to you guys for this interview!!