Della Zouch – Rebel

Artist: Della Zouch
Title: Rebel
Label: City Seven
Released: Out Now
Genre: Progressive House
Review by Brett Gould

Della Zouch I hear you say… Well let’s just give this fella a little introduction. His name may be fairly new to the scene but rest assured he’s been around for some time now. He’s been an A & R man for some very tasty labels and now runs his own label Zouch Records. He’s had tracks released on K9 and Alive Recordings and now it’s his turn on Luke Brancaccio’s City Seven Music.

‘Rebel’ has the perfect mixture of elements that a track should. Its groovy, deep, techie and the energy is there. Plus the synth work is fantastic. Its hard to choose a stand out mix in the package, every mix has been wisely chosen and the level of production is immense.

The original mix if anything is the slightly darker mix, the pads are haunting and warm, the synths are lovely, still spooky but at the same time uplifting. A very clever trick to achieve in house music.

The Jimmy V Remix is slightly tougher, keeps the original elements but still has his usual trademark sound.

The Radi and Keith Remix bring out the 90’s progressive house sound with a lovely arpeggio to give you the energy and the bass line playing the same keys bubbling along.

If I did have to pick a mix i would either go for the original or Raxon. Raxon’s hit the nail on the head with what deep house dj’s are going for. The energy is perfect and the elements are beautiful. The top end is right. Not to much but enough and the breakdown synthwork is very clever.

All in all a great package. Well done Della Zouch and City Seven.

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