Drug deaths threaten to close Fabric Nightclub

Sad news for London clubland as it is revealed that Met Police have called for a review of the Fabric Nightclubs licence following an incident that occurred in September.

Police claim that over the last three years a number of people had died as a result of consuming illicit substances on the clubs premises, the most recent event occurring in September where an unnamed 18 year old girl fell ill and later died after allegedly buying and taking MDMA inside the world famous venue.

In a police report submitted to the committee, it states “It attracts clientele from all over Europe and it would seem that the immaturity or lifestyle of these patrons leads to them becoming actively involved in the taking of illegal drugs and this could account for the disproportionate and wholly unacceptable number of deaths and near death incidents at the venue.”

The venue opened some 15 years ago opposite another London institution – Smithfield Meat Markets and quickly became a hot spot for the cities clubbers and music fans. With 3 rooms and a ‘body sonic’ dance floor comprising 400 bass transmitters, Fabric’s sound system became one of its biggest draws. And with world renowned DJ/producers Terry Francis and Craig Richards as Music Directors covering a cross section of underground sounds, the club has maintained its position as one of the worlds premier dance clubs.

Unfortunately, fortunes have turned in recent years with the club going into a brief period of administration due to the failure of sister club Matter – a massive 2,600 person venue attached to the O2 Arena in South London, as well as ongoing difficulties during upgrades with local transport links.

Islington council’s licensing committee is due to meet this evening to “seriously consider” removing Fabrics’ license