Fabric saved from closure

Following on from yesterdays shocking news that Fabric faced closure after drug deaths linked to the club. It is revealed today that the club will remain open and under new licensing regulations will have to employ 7 sniffer dogs to check clubbers as they enter the premise. Speaking to the Evening Standard, Paddy Whur, the club’s solicitor said “ They will need seven dogs per night because they can only work for a certain number of hours. The vast majority of private sector dog providers are not trained to the level that police dogs are. So it’s been difficult finding one to meet the criteria police want.”

In a show of solidarity, more than 30,000 people signed a petition of support for the club by Change.org which had quickly circulated the internet via social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Club founder Keith Reilly said in a statement afterwards “In 15 years we have had six million people come through the doors and sadly there have been four deaths. We do everything we can to stop people taking drugs in the club. What’s happened recently is this country is awash with drugs.”

Also in attendance was Chief Inspector Ian Howells of the Met Police who said “The relationship between the club and police has been good. There’s a good level of support.” He added “With the two recent deaths we have sought to engage to improve the security and search regime to mitigate further risks.”