FREE DOWNLOAD – Biology – Etch

Thanks to Jon Rundell for firing this download over to Decoded today. In a series of free giveaways from Jon and his label Etch each week, we make available to share with friends and fellow artists. We hope you enjoy and don’t forget to follow Jon Rundell on Facebook and Twitter

“I think Jon’s a jewel in the crown. He’s really great with the crowd and his music. He’s been a great support to me. Put him in front of 30,000 people and he really goes for it. He naturally warms the crowds up. We always discuss what we’ll both be playing and he goes out there and does it. At the moment he’s better than most top DJs I could mention.” Carl Cox, March 2007.

Jon has never been a follower. Very much his own man, he has never being swayed by trends or fashions. Preferring instead to challenge and ask questions of what’s going on around him, Jon’s output has remained unique and interesting right from the start. Experimental at times, but always matured and versatile, he has remained a highly consistent producer and DJ.

Throughout his career, people have gradually begun to come around to his ever-evolving sound despite the fact that typically, he hasn’t changed his ideals throughout. A few of the production techniques have changed along the way and the quality has enhanced but it has all been carried out with the same intent. Constantly adapting and evolving, Jon has never been afraid of experimenting and bounces off ideas as he looks to make music sealed with a stamp entirely of his own. That tireless work has paid dividends, particularly since the latter part of 2008 which has really seen a turn in Jon’s career. Intec founder Carl Cox has always been a staunch purveyor and strong supporter of both Jon’s production work and DJ ability, but his appeal has since reached a wider range of people. Jon’s music has always been heavily supported but more recently, it is being hammered by stalwarts of the scene from Richie Hawtin, Loco Dice, Ben Sims, Adam Beyer and Nic Fancuilli to Joris Vorn.

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