Free Download – Saturation Knob

Saturation Knob has been around for quite a while now (I think that the plugin was first released back in 2011), however it’s availability was always limited to only a few select digital audio workstations. Until today, this rather interesting saturation effect was available for use only in Pro Tools, Cakewalk Sonar, Studio One and Propellerhead Reason. But that has finally changed and we can now use this saturation tool in virtually any host application out there!

Although one-knob style effects are not everyone’s favorite kind of audio tool, I actually enjoy using such plugins because they are well optimized for achieving the best possible results with minimum tweaking. This can often save tons of time during a mixing session. When it comes to compressors and equalizers, you’ll obviously want all the control you can get (although the incredibly simple DC1A compressor is still one of my all-time favorites). But with colorization tools which are used to add some character to the processed audio signal, in my opinion it’s great to be able to use them as simple plug and play stomp boxes.

Anyways, Saturation Knob is exactly that kind of plugin. It features a single knob for adjusting the amount of saturation and it can work in three different modes, depending on what flavor of saturation you’re looking for. And that’s it! This kind of saturation effect might be too simple for some, but I find it a rather useful tool and a great little freebie!

Now here comes the bummer. To install your free copy of Saturation Knob, you’ll need to download a rather large installer first. The installer contains all Softube plugins and they all need to be installed on your machine. After the installation process has ended, you can remove the plugins which you don’t want to use. That’s quite a drawback I have to say, however there’s a possible workaround for this. If you download a free tool called Universal Extractor, you can extract Saturation Knob from the package and skip the installation process completely.

Download here

Via Bedroom Producers blog