As the sun rose over London this morning, I grabbed my morning coffee and checked my messages. Normally I skip through most of them, but one that stood out was from Omid 16b with a call to arms so to speak on how to address the growing divide between the haves and have not’s of the DJ world, the elusive and most of the time, exclusive promo.

The promo have always been a pinnacle of most aspiring DJs. To get on a list of upfront new music from labels is a right of passage, a so called nod from the industry that you have been acknowledged and to be rewarded, but what happens when the system becomes clogged, broken or tainted by Artist Management Agencies. PR firms, digital stores or labels giving away an artists music?

This morning, Omid 16b addressed this with a new solution.


Taken from Facebook


NO MORE FREE PROMOS (The Beginning of The MUSIC Revolution)

Based on the revenue that big Dj’s are earning, we all agreed that its not fare for them to receive free promos therefore what we are willing to purpose is this :

All working DJ’s that currently earn enough money to buy music on Beatport , iTunes etc should also contribute to the promos they receive which in turn they play not only for their own benefit but also the benefit of their brands and their public perception in general including myself and all my Dj’s and artists alike.

The majority of exposure still stands towards the djs, because this will save them time and bypass the efforts that are needed going trough release after release finding what they like and wish to support…

One thing that we must be clear on ; when u pay for something you value it more, when its free there is no reason to give it the value it deserves.

All the artists involved who put their heart and soul into making these records must be recognised for their efforts and credited for their art at least on a finical level to begin with, just like the Dj’s who receive a fee for their efforts in entertaining.

Dj’s will have an introductory letter sent initially to explain our concerns as a community in this matter with an option to continue the service that they are receiving with a fee based on everyones input and ideas.


A promo has the capacity to gain more interest and create a buzz because not everybody has access, therefore the working Dj is able to play an entire set of new tunes and gain more interest in bookings and PR for him or herself.

This is an advantage to the working Dj more so then buying tracks that are available on the digital outlets to everybody.

We all love hearing something fresh and new as oppposed to the same records over and over again ….there are some records that will remain timeless, but this is not the point we are raising here.

The majority of the fee will be distributed amongst the artists with a fraction going towards the labels expenses and upkeep.

If the label then wishes to further their reach with more PR than at least there is a initial boost in revenue to continue that path plus they will be able to negotiate a better term with the PR companies who tend to over abuse the fact that DJ’s on their list only give good feedback (to not get kicked off), which we all know is very misleading.

In turn, this revenue will add to a royalty structure that otherwise only relies on sales. we may not all be aware but most digital outlets take a bigger chunk of the sales for providing the platform for purchase and their online marketing like DJ Charts, staff picks and other ways to filter the better records in their eyes as apposed to just an average release.

Thats the major reason every label pushes for a banner on the digital outlets creating the perception that they may sell more units.

This is mainly the case as its easier for a buyer to see whats hot and whats not based on that principle.

Promos will only be available to the Dj’s within the promo period, so please don’t confuse this platform as a way to by pass or replace the digital outlets like Beatport, Juno Récords, iTunes etc.

Those digital outlets will still provide an essential service for the average buyer who isn’t a Dj and wishes to enjoy the music.

We will still encourage people to go to digital / physical stores and buy it, this system is only so the artists can survive and have a little of what they deserve in the promo stages as opposed to absolutely zero revenue which stands currently.

Also take into account each label sending out promos incurs and expense thats decided by the artist and label.

The Turning point is that the artist will receive something which they are not receiving now, with a better and more accurate understanding on who is supporting their music and not allow the efforts to be washed up by the over flood of free promos that do not get the attention they deserve due to the high number in volume.

This way the DJ’s can be more selective on what they wish to receive, that it self bypasses the current format of getting reactions and feedback for sales sheets provided by labels to the distributor on release.

This system can also aid in saving time listening to hundreds and hundreds of free promos that don’t always get played because they are lost in transition from week in week out.

If your interested in this revolution in art and fulfilment to be fair please private message me with the subject “INTERESTED” and a brief description on your involvement in the music industry.

Of course this throws up a lot of questions, logistics, management, should you be able to buy your way into a promo pool instead of earning the right to be there or does a label have the right to give away artists music without payment to them? It is a healthy and constructive debate he has started today and one not to die down anytime soon. Feel free to join in on the debate below as we know Omid will be following this closely.

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