Free Samples: Tech House “Winter Tech”

“Winter Tech” delivers a fantastic set of professionally produced, mix-ready loops and single-shot drum sounds aimed towards tech-house producers, but also applicable to other related genres. It is a perfectly sized collection of useful loops and beat construction kits you’ll be coming back to in months to come. In this pack, we offer a selection of fat, tight, club-ready drum loops, perfect for quick beat construction, and great for layering and having fun with.

Then we have a selection of spaciously hypnotic percussions and accent layers for those proper tech-house moments, and also a solid set of catchy, thematic PA-ready basslines which are sure to inspire you to complete whole new tunes around them.

As a cherry on the top, we prepared a set of 50 amazing music loops: hooks and thematic sounds, spooky melodies and riff layers, in great variety of different keys.

Some of these loops are tweaked in longer phrases, which can be very useful for quickly finishing whole sections of your tunes.
Rich in harmonics and beautifully driven, these crunchy vintage-sounding loops are sure to cut through any mix and add that missing something.

Use whole phrases, or splice them, re-order, combine and play with to get those proper techy combo-riffs and groovy patterns.
As a bonus, there is also a set 50 sampler-ready single-shot drum sounds, for those who like to program their own beats using drum machines.

inWhole pack @ 125bpm , 24bit WAV

• 30 x Bass Loops
• 50 x Drum Loops
• 50 x Drum Shots
• 20 x Percussion Loops
• 50 x Synth Loops

Download here