Guy Mantzur – Moments

Artist: Guy Mantzur
Title: Moments (LP Sampler)
Label : Sudbeat
Cat No : SBCD001
Released: 02.12.2013
Genre: Progressive House
Review by Andy Howarth

Guy Mantzur needs no introduction. He’s had tracks featured on Renaissance, Playmobil, Lost & Found, Bonzai, Sudbeat, and Hope Recordings to name but a few. He’s come a long way in a fairly short amount of time and now he’s treating us to a brand new 3 tracker.

His new Moments EP opens with How Long Is Now, a track that manages the fine act of balancing large doses of menace with wistful keys that capture your attention and retains hold of it for the entirety of its 9-minute duration. It’s a very pretty record that has echoes of Damabiah’s work and other such tracks on labels like Natura Sonoris. Cascading keys descend from all angles and melodies are meticulously crafted to lend the track a deliciously warm feeling that’s hard to ignore.

Following it up is his track Instagram. Whilst i’m not sure naming your track after a gimmicky photo-editing app is a good idea, i’m going to skirt around it for the purposes of this review as it’s the music we should really be focussing on. Mantzur keeps on with the dreamy chords and atmospherics and things tick over very nicely, albeit not quite as memorably as his opening salvo.

Closing the EP with We Are What We Are, Guy ups the pace a little and delivers a track with a bit more grunt. Punchy drums and echoed stabs with injections of reverb give the end product a pacey feel that’s ripe for use during the mid-sections of your set. Certainly as a tool for building tension before you drop that all-pleasing dancefloor grenade you’re working towards, it fits the bill perfectly. On the whole, this release hits the mark with efficient precision, and as a showcase for Mantzur’s skills as a producer it’s a sterling effort.