Hector Couto – Sunday Anthem

Artist : Hector Couto

Title : Sunday Anthem

Label : Definition Music

Release : 09/12/2013

Genre: Deep House

Review by Brett Gould

Mr Couto, who made the wise change from tech house to deep base house in 2012 has now been on top of his game for years. Even when he was making tribal grooves at 128bpm he was one of the best in the industry. Now making deep house with his own unique 90’s retro sound he has taken himself to another level. ‘Sunday Anthem’ illustrates Hector’s talent and production abilities with his distinct drum programming and analogue base sounds. There’s 3 mixes to choose from on this e.p and there all distinctively as good as each other. The original mix is Hector’s trademark sound with a real bouncy feel and some dirty synths. Second up is Dene Antony’s remix which is more jacking, with some lovely key work that wouldn’t be a miss at a deep garage event. 3rd up is the Definition mix which for me is the pick of the 3 if you want a dirtier fix. Its darker, the base has real power, the drums give it a bit more energy with little incidents here and there ands the synth are just rude! All in all a brilliant package. A Sunday anthem for a Saturday night!

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