House of Wolf

Do you remember the movie about the Casper, the friendly ghost that falls in love with a living girl, then by magic he turns in to a cute living boy at the end and they dance the night away at their schools costume ball, which is held at a haunted mansion where he and his ghost friends live? It was one of my favorite movies, and I had a wish to dance in a big haunted mansion like theirs for years are first viewing it, and setting foot in House of Wolf, I think I have finally found it, well.. the proposed dancing depends on your musical preferences, but a place to sip a few cocktails – most definitely!

House of Wolf is a stylish decorated, seductive and slightly creepy four story building a short walk from Islington station, and with the old Islington Town Hall setting the perfect backdrop as its beauty is mirrored back trough the dark windows on the ground of floor of the  House of Wolf building, it’s simplicity on the outside gives the appearance to be just another good pub, beautiful, but merely just a  pub.  How wrong I was… this is much, much more then a beautiful a “pub”.

After paying a £5 entry fee on this Friday night I head up the stairs, on the first floor we find the Apothecary Bar which “immerses patrons into the surroundings of a Victorian apothecary with aged glass bottles, gas lamp lighting and an antique mirrored back-bar” (as stated on the website), complete with its own secret room hidden in the wall…does exactly what is say’s on the ti…website, utterly memorizing, and possible 30th birthday space! Also on the first floor is the Parlour Dining Room, offering classic English dishes with bespoke hand printed coverings, vintage chandeliers and hand carved mantel pieces. On the second floor we find the Attic Dining Room and Wolf Den Bar featuring theatrical double height ceilings, all spaces available for private hire and sectioned off area reservations. Heading back down the narrow stairs to the partly filled ground floor, the Music Hall, I can’t say anything else then that all of the House of Wolf interior is super chic (even the loo’s) , and with some of the original features dating back to 1838, I would be surprised not to bump in to a Casper or two when locking up in the early hours. Walking around in the different bars and stairs, it  feels more as a private party in someone’s haunted mansion then a “pub” in Angel.

The bar offers an impressive cocktail list and very handsome and polite bartenders stand lined up ready to serve you at an instance. I order a ‘Bolivian Drug Mule’ made from Agwa de Bolivia – which is coca leaf distillate (…Come to mama!)- fresh lime, ginger beer and aromatic bitters, setting you back £8.50 a cocktail. It was great, super tasty and served looking really pretty and ice cold. (I really ate cold or watery cocktails.) My date enjoyed his ‘C.P.M’, shaken Olmeca Bianco tequila and triple sec with passion fruits and fresh chiliPretty looking, but way to much kick for me!

As the venue fills up, all I can say about the crowd is that it’s a very Angel and Islington crowd; a few suits mixed with the good looking boys and girls, loads of high heels and dolled up faces, but a few cool dressed and converse in there as well. The party really kicks off around midnight, to very cheesy chart pop and rock my misfortune. I wold love to have a cool east London crowd here as it feels as a “waste of a venue” to fill up the dance-floor with parties like these. I like the characteristic of Mr wolf, he has taken scene stage in the event information found to House of wolf social media pages, and the PR team have given him a striking and cheeky personality that really suits as host and owner of the House of Wolf, it feels a bit as stepping in to a story or theater, drinking there, but it would be nice if they took it to the next level, maybe with clothes for the staff and top hats to the security, make it even more “House of wolf” somehow.

…Even though the cocktails are excellent and the venue being the most mesmerizing one  I’ve seen in a very long time, three hours of Rhianna, Beyoncé and gangster rap, have given me a urge to move on…but when heading out East I’m most defiantly in party mood and House of Wolf have really raised the bar for stylish pre-party drinks outside the heart of Shoreditch, and I know they have more ‘house music” based events coming in 2014, so i will defiantly be back for more Agwa de Bolivia if I see some familiar names on the DJ line up.

House of Wolf

181 Upper St


N1 1RQ

(I write all my reviews based on my personal experience and it’s all my words. The information stated has been given by staff at the venue or gathered from the venues website.)

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